Corporate Workforce Wellbeing Training Courses

Our corporate Workforce Wellbeing Training Courses are one-day bespoke CPD events for your staff, and are suitable for general staff teams or management. Your day will be interactive and thought provoking, and cover all key aspects of developing your organisation’s staff wellbeing.

A healthy and productive workforce means a pleasant work environment in which people will wish to remain, and that others will want to join. Better staff retention and less time on sickness leave will mean greater productivity and ultimately save you money.

Tailored to you

What does ‘wellbeing’ mean to your organisation and its staff? We will discuss this with you prior to your course, and from that identify the key areas to develop in order to best support your team. We currently have 9 topics, from which you can choose 4 to form your training day.

About your tutor, Jane Mackenzie

Jane has a great passion for education, a wealth of knowledge and 27 years’ experience teaching, training and managing at all levels in the public and private sectors. With both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in education, Jane has worked in the education sector for the past 27 years, across HE, FE, Work Based Learning, and Adult Community Learning, as well as in specialist educational settings.

Through her various roles she have been involved in change management and staff development, and has made many improvements to meet the strategic objectives within these organisations. Jane has also trained instructors, and mentored teams of tutors within the fitness industry, and has presented at a national level at many fitness events.

Jane has also run a variety of successful corporate training sessions under her own brand, ‘Peoplefocused’.

Jane’s educational ethos is to enthuse and motivate individuals and teams, in order to help them reach their full potential through training and mentoring. She believes that all companies can benefit greatly from excellent staff training and development.

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Healthy, happy staff:

Go that extra mile for you.
Give better customer service.
Take fewer days off sick.
Are more committed and creative.

Wellbeing Policy

  • Does your organisation have a wellbeing policy?
  • Who do staff turn to when they have a problem related to their wellbeing?
  • We shall look at the key areas within a wellbeing policy, necessary to support all staff in your organisation.


  • What is resilience, and how can your team become more resilient to changing environments in the workplace?

Healthy Eating

  • Healthy staff are more productive staff. Is there a culture of healthy eating in your organisation?
  • Are your staff eating the right foods to aid their performance throughout the day, and to maintain a healthy weight?
  • We shall look at current eating habits. Learn what type of nutrition will optimise health and performance in the workplace.

Time Management

  • There’s more to time management than just getting to work on time!
  • How do your staff use their time? Can it be used in a more productive way?
  • Learn how to manage time to support each individual and your organisation.


  • What motivates staff, and makes them behave in a certain way?
  • How do you develop motivation and enthusiasm?
  • Discover what motivates your staff and learn to develop a more positive working environment.


  • Do your staff know how to relax and recharge during and after work?
  • Learn how to take care of your own wellbeing and those around you.
  • Discover ways to relax, and take part in a relaxation session.


  • Are your teams communicating effectively to create a positive culture?
  • We shall look at the types of communication used in your organisation.
  • Discover the barriers to effective communication, and how to overcome these.

Mental Health

  • Do your staff know the signs of mental health problems in themselves and their work colleagues?
  • What steps can they take to learn how to combat work related stress and other mental health problems?
  • Discover the key signs of common mental health challenges within the workplace. Learn strategies to combat stress at work

Healthy Living

  • How does your organisation develop a culture of health living?
  • Do your staff know how to improve their health to have a balanced lifestyle?
  • Do your staff know how to maintain a healthy back?
  • Learn how to improve and maintain health throughout your working life.

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