PowerPilates, with Jane Mackenzie

Pilates-Based Outdoor Exercise Classes in Hythe

Pilates-Based Outdoor Exercise Classes in Hythe - PowerPilates.

Leading fitness professional Jane Mackenzie is proud to introduce brand new Pilates-Based Outdoor Exercise Classes in Hythe: ‘PowerPilates’ utilises the six key training principles of regular Pilates: concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing, but in a more dynamic, aerobic format. Classes are one hour in length (including warmup and stretching sections), and follow an ‘interval’ structure, with alternating short periods of power walking combined with standing exercises.

PowerPilates is suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginners upwards, as Jane will provide different variations of each exercise to ensure everyone is working at a safe and effective level, irrespective of experience. As well as developing your core strength and balance, the class is also designed to get you moving, warm, and to elevate your heart-rate, building your aerobic fitness. PowerPilates is especially suitable for weight loss/control when combined with a healthy nutrition plan.

As well as a highly qualified Pilates instructor, Jane Mackenzie is also a fully qualified aerobics and power walking instructor, as well as a level-3 personal fitness trainer, with 30 years experience. Jane looks forward to welcoming you to this novel outdoor group exercise class. PowerPilates – Pilates-Based Outdoor Exercise Classes in Hythe with Jane Mackenzie.

“Thank you for yesterday. I have really appreciated the thought and care you have put into designing opportunities for exercise and social contact, particularly over the last year. It was great to see everyone and have a bit of a natter. I enjoyed the level and the mix of walking and strength/stretch movements.”

Judy Doherty

Outdoor PowerPilates

Dates, Venue and Price

  • Saturdays at 9.00 am – (from 10th April) see our Class Availability page for specific dates and status of classes.
  • Marine Parade, Hythe – behind Hythe Swimming Pool – click here for Google map
  • £6.00 (£22 for four) – 24/7 members (Join Now!) or £8.00 (£30 for four) – non-members.
  • Booking and payment in advance is required. Fee refundable/transferable only if class cancelled by us. At least one week’s notice is required if you wish to change a pre-booked class date. Please see our full Terms and Conditions for PowerPilates classes.
IMPORTANT - Class Information (click to close/re-open)
  • New participants will be required to complete our Health Screening in advance of their first class.
  • PowerPilates is an aerobic exercise class designed to keep you warm outdoors. Classes will therefore run in nearly all weather conditions, including rain – see Class Status Indicators section below.
  • Please wear clothing appropriate to the conditions on the day, including where neccessary: additional thermal layers, warm hat, waterproof/windproof top layer, suitable training shoes.
  • This class is designed to get you out and exercising at times you might not always feel like it. Please note that bookings are not transferable if you simply don’t like the weather on the day!
  • Bring an exercise band if you have one. (We will not be using Pilates mats, blocks or balls.)

Additional Covid-19 Safety Guidance: As much space as you wish, but minimum 2m social distancing will be observed. Outdoor exercise classes pose an extremely low risk of transmission. However: You must NOT attend classes if you are any experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, have tested positive, or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Class Status Indicators

Although we plan to run classes in nearly all weathers, it may occassionally be neccessary to cancel a class due to: very heavy rain, very strong wind, or snow/ice conditions deemed to make travel to the class or fast walking hazardous. The forthcoming class as shown on our Availability page will have one of two status indicator bars beneath it as below. A class may be cancelled up to 8.30 am on the morning of the class, so please check back shortly after this time. If the status bar is still green at this point, the class is going ahead as planned – yes, even if it is raining!

Class running as planned.

Very bad weather expected. Class cancelled.


You must NOT attend group classes if you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, have tested positive, or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Coronavirus. In the above cases, you will need to test negative before you may return to classes.

Remaining restrictions lifted from 19th July

All other legal restrictions applicable to the running of our classes have now been lifted. However, we continue to take the following measures for your comfort and safety:

  • Jane is proud to have received both her vaccination doses, and strongly encourages everyone to do so if they are able. Jane is not aware of any of her clients who have not been fully vaccinated.
  • Maximum class sizes have increased, but only by 2 people per class. We will not yet be returning to pre-pandemic maximum numbers.
  • We will no longer be using cones to facilitate strict social distancing. However, Jane will still be informally guiding the layout of classes to ensure everyone is equally-spaced.
  • Shared group equipment will no longer be provided on a permanent basis. If there is any equipment that you would like to purchase, details are here: https://www.janem.co.uk/products/ , then contact Jane or order in class.
  • We will continue to ensure as much ventilation as possible during classes, and continue to take some classes outdoors when the weather is favourable.
  • We also encourage you to continue using your NHS Covid-19 Contact Tracing app.

Of course, the pandemic is not yet over, and the government has made it clear that we are moving into a phase of ‘personal responsibility’. We would therefore encourage you all to be as careful and respectful as possible during classes, maintaining discreet distance from each other and Jane herself as best you can. We request you continue to wear a face covering on arrival and departure from classes, although this is no longer mandatory.

Government guidance, and therefore our operational procedures, may change, and will be updated here accordingly.

jane mackenzie covid vaccination volunteer

Jane Mackenzie is commited to helping her clients remain safe during the Coronavirus pandemic, and is also a regular volunteer at the Folkestone Covid-19 Vaccination Centre.

“Thank you so much for doing the Power Pilates today. I felt so much better after and feel a lot more positive than of late. See you next week!”

Lindsay Stannett

Outdoor PowerPilates

Pilates-Based Outdoor Exercise Classes in Hythe - PowerPilates.
Pilates-Based Outdoor Exercise Classes in Hythe - PowerPilates.

PowerPilates – Pilates-Based Outdoor Exercise Classes in Hythe.

Online Pilates Classes Now Running

Booking priority and £2 discount on all face-to-face classes for 24/7 members!

Join Jane Mackenzie 24/7, and access the highest quality Pilates instruction, wherever and whenever you like. Enjoy both livestream and recorded classes with Kent's leading Pilates instructor. Be part of a Pilates community where you will learn more about Pilates, ask questions, track your progress, and much more!

Jane Mackenzie

MA, L3 Fitness Trainer

Telephone: 07703 792388
Email: j@janem.co.uk

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Group 1-1 and online Pilates classes, insured by FitPro

Jane Mackenzie group and online Pilates instructor, CIMSPA Practitioner


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