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Equipment is not essential for Pilates (although a suitable Pilates mat is a very good idea), and all exercises can be performed perfectly well without blocks, exercise bands and balls. Additional equipment can be very helpful though as you progress, enabling a wider variety of exercise variations, including more challenging ones. Some of these I will show you as alternatives in these classes. If you would like to purchase any of the equipment you see me using, please visit our online shop (opens in new tab):


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If you haven't already, please first visit our Introduction Page, which contains some important general information you need to know before you first start classes.

Class Sections

As with all my face-to-face classes, this online class has been broken down into four sections*. It is very important that we always warm up before a class, and also to stretch at the end, in order to return our muscles to their original length, so please make sure you carry out both of these sections. Depending on how much time you have though, you can do either the balance work, floor work, or both, but please carry out the sections in the order listed.

- Warmup
- Standing balance work
- Floor work
- Stretches
(* Special 30 minute focus classes will follow bespoke formats.)

Exercise Repetitions

- Complete up to 4-8 repetitions of each exercise in the warmup, and 10-12 repetitions should be sufficient for the standing balance and floor work exercises, but more or less can be completed depending on your level of exerperience or fitness.
- Complete the moves slowly to reduce the use of momentum, keeping full control of your body as you move in both directions.
- Think about your breathing and try to breath out when the body is moving, and in when you stop.
- If any of your joints hurt, do not force the moves, stop and message or call me. Always contact me if you have any questions!


- Hold stretches at the full range of movement for 15-30 seconds then release.
- Never 'bounce' a stretch!

OK, so let's begin. First read the guidance notes for a section, then click anywhere on the video below it to start it playing. Once finished, proceed to the next section.

Classes may be taken in any order.

Pilates – Week 139 – Florida

Two 30 min focus classes from Florida: standing and floor-based weights classes.

Pilates – Week 138 – Florida

Special from Florida. Backward chain, absstrength, back and core mobility. ​

Pilates – Week 137 – Florida

Special from Florida. Back to basics: back health, strength and mobility. The 'Big 3' exercises.

Pilates – Week 136

Back strength and mobility, pelvis strength and mobility.

Pilates – Week 135

Whole body fascia release, stretch and relaxation.

Pilates – Week 134

Standing leg work with dynamic movements.

Pilates – Week 133 – Fuerteventura

Special from Fuerteventura. Abdominals and eccentric muscle contractions.

Pilates – Week 132 – Fuerteventura

Three 20 min focus classes from Fuerteventura: 1) Standing mobility; 2) Soft ball floor work; 3) Chair-based class.

Pilates – Week 131 – Fuerteventura

Special from Fuerteventura. Using a band for alignment and extra resistance to the arms and legs and core.


Pilates Bonus – Fuerteventura

Two bonus sessions from Fuerteventura incorporating lunges.

Pilates – Week 130

Hand weights for arms, wrists and back. challenging core muscles.

Pilates – Week 129

Key core abdominal muscles in a variety of positions, using a block for balance.

Pilates – Week 128

Three 20 min focus classes: Standing Mobility; TP Ball Release; Stretch and Mobility.

Pilates – Week 127

Adding resistance to the arms, wrists, shoulders and back using hand weights.

Pilates – Week 126

Pilates flow with balance and coordination. Floor work progressions to challenge the core.

Pilates – Week 125 – Madeira

Special from Madeira. 'Back to Basics' and abdominals.

Pilates – Week 124 – Christmas!

Twelve Pilates Days of Christmas, floor work and seasonal relaxation.

Pilates – Week 123

Balance work standing and total body work using a ball.

Pilates – Week 122

Backward chain, and inside and outside of the legs.

Pilates – Week 121

Block to practice alignment and posture, and to work key core muscles.​

Pilates – Week 120

Band work for alignment, and resistance to arms and legs to challenge the core. 

Pilates – Week 119 – Brittany

Outdoor special from Brittany. The backward chain and bottom.

Pilates – Week 118 – Brittany

Two 30 min focus classes from Brittany: (1) Standing leg strengthening and balance; (2) Floor-based core workout.

Pilates – Week 117

The muscles down the side of the body and back.

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