Outdoor Relaxation Session


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Find a quiet place in the house and close the door, turn off your phone and turn out the lights if it is at night and you want to. Create a relaxing environment. Place a cushion, or block under the head if necessary. Place an eye mask over your eyes if you wish and a blanket over you if you feel chilly. Drink some water after this session to rehydrate the body and help relax you further.

There are some affirmations within this relaxation session. Let the words wash over you and take on board any of it that resonates with you. Sometimes this can cause emotions to be released. Allow those emotions to come naturally and be aware of how you feel.


Equipment is not essential for Pilates (although a suitable Pilates mat is a very good idea), and all exercises can be performed perfectly well without blocks, exercise bands and balls. Additional equipment can be very helpful though as you progress, enabling a wider variety of exercise variations, including more challenging ones. Some of these I will show you as alternatives in these classes. If you would like to purchase any of the equipment you see me using, please see:

Pilates equipment for sale

Currently, online shops are still permitted to trade, and I am happy to deliver to the Folkestone and Hythe areas, and leave in a safe place for you. (For safety reasons, we are not posting items at the moment.) Until we have chance to set up an e-commerce store online, payment is accepted by bank transfer or cash on collection. For all sales and equiries, please:

Email Jane Mackenzie

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