Information for Pilates Classes

This information is also available in a downloadable document from our Media Page.

Class Information

Timetable and Venues


Tuesday 9.00 am Hythe, Burton Hall
Tuesday 10.45 am Sellindge, Sports Club (NEW!)
Tuesday 5.30 pm Folkestone, Three Hills
Tuesday 6.45 pm Folkestone, Three Hills

Wednesday 9.30 am Sellindge, Sports Club
Wednesday 11.30 am Folkestone, Shepway
Wednesday 6.00 pm Hythe, Cricket Club

Thursday 9.30 am Hythe, Cricket Club
Thursday 10.45 am Hythe, Cricket Club

All classes last 1 hour.


Plenty of free parking is available at all locations. Please arrive 15 minutes before the class starts if you are new, or 5 minutes before the class for regular participants. Please respect others and turn up in plenty of time.

Three Hills Sports Park Folkestone
Tues 5.30 pm and 6.45 pm
Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 5JU. (We are in the Roundhill Suite.) Google map
Pilates Three Hills Folkestone

Shepway Close Centre Folkestone
Wed 11.30 am
Shepway Close, Folkestone, Kent CT19 5SJ. Google map.
(Additional directions and location map are available from our Media Downloads page.)
Daytime Pilates classes in Folkestone Wednesday 11.30 am Shepway Close Centre

Sellindge Sports and Social Club
Tues 10.45 am, Wed 9.30 am
69 Swan Lane, Sellindge, Kent. TN25 6HB. Google map
Sellindge Sports and Social Club

Burton Hall Hythe
Tues 9.00 am
Albert Lane, Hythe. CT21 6BY. Google map
Pilates Burton Hall Albert Lane Hythe Kent

Hythe Cricket and Squash Club
Wed 6.00 pm, Thurs 9.30 am and 10.45 am
The Grove, Hythe, Kent. CT21 6AX. Google map.
(Additional directions and location map are available from our Media Downloads page.)
Pilates Classes Hythe Cricket and Squash Club Hythe Kent

Booking, Prices, Contact Details

Booking your Classes

  • Please check our Availability page before booking classes. Classes shown there in GREEN have regular spaces available, so you can go ahead and book straight away. Classes shown as YELLOW have some space available, but not neccessarily every week, so please Contact Jane to check first. Classes shown as RED don’t currently have space available, although you may join our waiting list if you wish.
  • Please book and pay for your classes though our Online Shop. You can then pay securely by card, or if you prefer, at the checkout you may opt to pay by bank transfer, in which case we will send Jane’s bank details to you.
  • Your places will be booked and guaranteed once payment has been received and we have confirmed your places.
  • Once you have started classes, payment may be also made by cash or card in person at any previous week’s class.

Cost of Classes (2024)

  • Block of 4 classes costs £36.00
  • Single classes cost £10.00
  • £2 discount per class for Jane 24/7 members!
  • Blocks of classes do not have to be taken on consecutive weeks. Simply select the dates you wish to attend at the time of purchase.

Allocation of Places and Changes/Cancellations

  • Please note that we allocate places in the order of payments received. Telling us you are going to attend and will pay does not guarrantee your place.
  • To enable us to manage class numbers, booked classes may only be changed to a different week, if a week or more notice is given. If less than a week’s notice, we will endeavour to fit you in on a different class during that same week only but this is subject to availability. Otherwise, you can always swap a face-to-face class with one of our online Zoom sessions.
  • To request a change to your pre-booked classes, please use this form.
  • Please also see our full Terms and Conditions.

Pay on the Day

  • Although you may turn up for a class without having booked and paid in advance, we strongly recommend you book in advance, as classes are likely to be booked up in advance.
  • In this case, places are subject to availability on a first come first served basis, so it is best to arrive early, You can of course contact Jane beforehand to see how busy we are, but we can’t guarantee your place.

Jane’s Contact Details

Tel/txt: 07703 792388

WhatsApp chatJane on WhatsApp

Contact Jane Mackenzie via Facebook Messenger
Full contact details and inquiries form

Safety and Health Screening

Everyone will be asked to complete a health screening form prior to attending their first class. This enables us to ensure it is safe for you to exercise, and to account for any particular health issues you may have. It is also an insurance requirement. A verbal screening will also be carried out each week to check there are no changes to your health.

If you do have any changes to your health status, please inform Jane before your class. (Some medical conditions, injuries and illnesses and may require you to visit your doctor before starting or continuing with exercise.)

The quickest and easiest way to complete your health screening is by using our Secure Online Screening Form. Or you may download a paper copy to complete in advance and bring with you to your first class.

What to Wear and Bring Along


Please note that for Covid safety reasons we no longer provide shared group equipment. 

You will need a Pilates mat. We have high quality 6mm Pilates Mats for sale in their own carry case available for purchase in a variety of colours. (If you already have a mat, that may be fine for you, although you may find that thicker mats will make the standing balance work more difficult.)

Please wear comfortable exercise clothing. You don’t need trainers and will be doing the class in bare feet or socks depending on the temperature. Please also bring along a towel (for neck support if needed) and a water bottle, which you can fill at the venue (we  encourage everyone to drink plenty of water).

Optional Equipment

We also use some other items of Pilates equipment in class from time to time, including blocks, bands, loop bands, soft balls and trigger point balls. Of these, we tend to use a soft ball and band the most, and also a block for support in various ways. All of these items are optional though, and whilst useful, are not strictly required in class. If we are using a piece of equipment, I will always show you an exercise variation without it.

You can of course purchase any of these items in advance if you wish, but I also bring some stock to class with me, so you may also purchase anything you require on the day. Visit our Shop for all Pilates products for sale.

Mobile Phones

The sound of mobile phones ringing or other notification noises can be very distracting for people during classes, and reduce enjoyment for all. We therefore ask that if you do bring your mobile phone with you, you respect our other participants and ensure it is on ‘Silent’ or ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode for the duration of the class.

A bit Nervous or Unsure?

We completely understand that starting exercise classes can be daunting for some, but you really don’t need to worry. Jane Mackenzie is Kent’s most experienced exercise professional and has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years, so rest assured you are in the safest of hands. Jane is a highly qualified, and fully insured professional Pilates instructor. She is also a Level 3 Fitness Trainer and a qualified teacher (Cert. Ed. MA), trainer and assessor. Jane has herself trained many other instructors in gaining their own fitness qualifications. Jane is always very happy for you to give her a call or message and talk to her personally, if you wish.

Jane ensures that her Pilates classes are suitable for all participants, by providing different variations for each exercise, so you can work at a level suitable for you. Jane’s classes are not a competition, they are for you, and are designed to help you develop your fitness safely and progressively. Expect a relaxed, happy and informal environment, without any pressure on you to try anything you are not comfortable with.

Read Kent’s Leading Pilates Instructor

Read Jane’s Testimonials

Your other Questions

Can I come to just one class to start with, to ‘try you out’?

Yes, of course! You will be very welcome.

Do your classes run in a series as ‘courses’?

No, we run classes on an individual basis, so you are free to start and stop classes whenever you like, subject to availability of course.

When I book classes, do they need to be on consecutive weeks?

No, you can book whichever dates you require, just enter them at the time of booking. For busy classes (marked yellow on our Availability page), you should contact us prior to booking to ensure we have space on the dates you want.

Can I change between different classes each week?

Yes, you can come to whichever classes you like, whenever you like, subject to availability at the time of booking. Again, for busy classes (marked yellow on our Availability page), you should contact us prior to booking to ensure we have space on the classes you want.

Can I change a class once I have booked it?

You must provide at least 7 days’ notice if you wish to change one of your pre-booked classes to a different week, otherwise pre-booked classes are not transferrable or refundable (with the following exception). If you are unable to provide 7 days’ notice, we will however try to fit you in on a different class during that same week only, but this is subject to availability. Otherwise you can always attend one of our Zoom classes. To request a change to a pre-booked class, please use this form.

I’m a complete beginner. How fit do I need to be to do Pilates with you?

All our classes are multi-level, meaning that we cater for all levels of ability, from beginner to advanced. With an experienced instructor such as Jane, Pilates is unique in its ability to do so. At every class, Jane will offer a range of variations for each exercise, so you can exercise as gently or as hard as you need to. If you are medically well enough to exercise, then Jane’s classes will be suitable for you, even if you are very unfit. Jane will always ensure you are working safely, but if you have specific health issues that you would like to discuss, please contact Jane.

I’m already very fit. Would I still benefit from practicing Pilates with you?

Yes – most definitely. Pilates is designed to correct postural problems, improve flexibility and balance, strengthen key core muscles, and address other muscle imbalances that can occur when we train or undertake our sports. By practicing Pilates regularly, you will perform better and reduce the risk of injuring yourself (especially your back) during your sports or activities, and you will also improve the way you look by becoming more poised and upright. Jane is uniquely qualified to help you in this respect, as not only is she a highly qualified Pilates instructor, but she is also a Level 3 Personal Fitness Trainer and has instructed in many sporting disciplines. You will be surprised at how challenging some Pilates exercises can be, if you choose to try Jane’s more advanced variations.

Do you have any age restrictions?

Older children under 16 may attend classes only if accompanied by a parent or guardian, and provided they are old enough to follow and participate in the exercises without disrupting our other participants. There is no maximum age, and we currently have several people in their eighties enjoying Pilates with us, although suitability to attend classes will depend on your personal functional ability. Please contact Jane to discuss if you have any concerns.

Do you run any classes for men only?

We only run mixed classes open to all genders. To understand why, please read Jane’s article.

I am a wheelchair user. Can I still do Pilates with you?

Most of our venues have wheelchair access and disabled parking and toilets. We fully embrace Equality and Diversity, and will make every effort to ensure you can enjoy Pilates with us. Jane is fully qualified in working with disabled clients, and in chair-based exercise, and in most cases will be able to offer you seated exercise variations. Clearly, your personal level of functional ability will ultimately dictate whether Pilates is an appropriate form of exercise for you, so please contact Jane to discuss your requirements.


Happily, the pandemic is far behind us, but Covid-19 remains a part of our lives, and can still be  dangerous to some.

For this reason, we continue to stipulate as part of our terms of business, that you may NOT attend group or one-to-one classes if you currently have Covid-19, or if you have been in close contact with anyone known to have had Covid, and that you must then test negative before you return to class. We also ask that you test if you suspect you may have Covid-19.

Those who do not accept these terms should not attend classes with us.

For those temporarily unable to attend class due to Covid-19, we will instead offer you one of four weekly online live Zoom classes or a selection of recorded classes to take instead.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please also read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement. If you have any questions regarding these, please contact Jane.

Online Pilates Classes Now Running

Booking priority and £2 discount on all face-to-face classes for 24/7 members!

Join Jane Mackenzie 24/7, and access the highest quality Pilates instruction, wherever and whenever you like. Enjoy both livestream and recorded classes with Kent's leading Pilates instructor. Be part of a Pilates community where you will learn more about Pilates, ask questions, track your progress, and much more!

Prefer not to attend a group class?

Unable to or prefer not to attend group classes? Do you have complex health issues? Do you require rehabilitation after orthopedic or other surgery?

Jane Mackenzie M.A.

Level 4 Pilates Instructor

Personal Fitness Trainer

Telephone: 07703 792388

WhatsApp chatJane on WhatsApp

Group 1-1 and online Pilates classes, insured by FitPro

Jane Mackenzie group and online Pilates instructor, CIMSPA Practitioner


Jane Mackenzie Pilates Classes Folkestone Hythe Sellindge
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Folkestone Hythe Sellindge Pilates instructor Jane Mackenzie

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