Pilates Training Workshop

As you all know, I do enjoy my continued professional development (CPD), and gaining new inspiration to bring back to you all in my classes.

For this reason I like to participate in workshops run by other leading instructors from time to time. And last weekend (along with my sister and fellow Pilates instructor Carol Boughton) I attended a Pilates workshop in Sussex, run by the excellent Katharine Jemmett.

The workshop had a specific focus on forward flexion. We initially started off with applying breathing to our ‘powerhouse’ (central core) muscles, in order to improve posture. We then focused on forward flexion and rotation.

It was wonderful to really concentrate on my own movement quality, improve my own technique and learn different cues and ways to support my own class participants.

Whenever I attend an event I am always thinking about how I can take what I have learned, and pass this on to you my own clients, both in my group class and my one-to-one’s. I am therefore really looking forward to sharing some of these new techniques with you over the coming weeks, to help you better understand how to connect with your core muscles.

As you know I am always talking to you about stabilising your key core muscles, so this won’t be new to you, but I will be adopting a slightly different approach utilising breathing techniques in order to really engage those important muscles!

I look forward to seeing you in class very soon. JM x

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Pilates Training Workshop

Pilates Training Workshop

Pilates Training Workshop


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