Trigger Point Pilates Classes in Folkestone and Hythe

Are you looking for Trigger Point Pilates Classes in Folkestone and Hythe area? Jane Mackenzie is the only qualified Trigger Point Pilates instructor currently teaching classes in Folkestone and Hythe.

Jane also incorporates elements of Trigger Point Pilates into her regular group classes, as well as her one-to-one classes.

About Trigger Point Pilates

Trigger Point Pilates is system of functional exercises designed specifically to release the spine and body. This is achieved by stimulating trigger points in order to stretch and elongate the connective tissue (fascia) around our muscles.

Trigger Point Pilates helps alleviate many chronic pain conditions and improves body function by making our muscles more flexible and move more freely.

Along with correct breathing in conjunction with key movements and stretches, Trigger Point Pilates classes also utilise special spiky ‘myofascial release balls’ (provided) to stimulate our trigger points.

Trigger Point Pilates balls are also excellent for self-massage at home, and can be purchased here.

One to One Classes

One to one Trigger Point Pilates classes in Folkestone and Hythe are available now!
Myofascial Release (MFR)

Trigger Point Pilates utilises the principle of Myofascial Release (MFR), which is a whole body, hands-on approach to healthcare. It is a mild and gentle form of stretching that has a profound effect upon the body. A slow gentle pressure allows the body’s tissue to reorganise without force, release physical restrictions and release the body’s unconscious holding and bracing patterns. ‘Myo’ means muscle and ‘fascia’ means band. Fascia, or connective tissue, is a 3D continuous web that extends without interruption throughout the body. It is composed of two main types of fibres, collagen and elastin, that promote strength and flexibility. It is dynamic in nature and changes and conforms to pressures applied to it. It meets resistance in order to protect and support the human frame. Fascia is prominently vertical in orientation and surrounds, infuses and protects every other tissue and organ of the body. When healthy, the fascial system is relaxed, providing a supportive cushioning mechanism allowing us to move”safely without restriction or pain. Following all physical and emotional injury,

Jane Mackenzie - Trigger Point Pilates classes in Folkestone and Hythe
Trigger Point Pilates Classes Folkestone Hythe

Jane Mackenzie M.A.

Level 4 Pilates Instructor

Personal Fitness Trainer

Telephone: 07703 792388

WhatsApp chatJane on WhatsApp

Group 1-1 and online Pilates classes, insured by FitPro

Jane Mackenzie group and online Pilates instructor, CIMSPA Practitioner


Jane Mackenzie Pilates Classes Folkestone Hythe Sellindge
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Folkestone Hythe Sellindge Pilates instructor Jane Mackenzie

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