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Protect and strengthen your back with leading Pilates instructor, Jane Mackenzie. Anyone who has suffered from a ‘bad back’ will appreciate just how debilatating this can be, and how important it is to ‘look after one’s back’. In this series of instructional videos, Jane will guide you through exercises specifically designed to support and protect the back, and also show you which exercises to avoid if you currently have back problems. There is also a very useful section on protecting your back during a wide range of everyday activities.

50 instructional videos including three full back health-specific classes!

  • Correct and improve your posture
  • Strengthen your back, shoulders and pelvis
  • Improve your back mobility and flexibility
  • Protect your back during everyday life
  • Protect your back whilst exercising
  • Feel better every day!

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Access Back Health – Protect and Strengthen

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Who the Back Health Toolkit is for

  • People of any age who have had back injuries in the past and may still be experiencing some back pain/problems, who have been told by a clinician that they may benefit from exercise.
  • People with age-related back problems, e.g. those beginning to feel their muscles no longer support them properly.
  • Those who want to improve their back health as a preventative measure, through improving their posture, core muscle strength and mobility. 

Who the Back Health Toolkit is not for

  • People with acute stage back injury. (This can vary from a few days to several weeks depending on your specific injury. Your clinician will advise you when it is appropriate for you to recommence exercise.)
  • People under the supervision of a clinician, who have not yet been told that they may undertake exercise.
  • People with osteoporosis. (This group of people will be covered in a separate course.)

Before undertaking these exercises, you should first seek advice from a clinician or physiotherapist and have been told you are safe to exercise. You should not undertake any of the exercises given if you are in the acute stage of a back injury.

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