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One to One Pilates Folkestone and Hythe. Kent’s leading exercise professional Jane Mackenzie offers one to one Pilates sessions in your own home, in the Folkestone and Hythe areas. A one to one Pilates session is a great way to introduce yourself to this effective and important form of exercise. It is ideal for those who are unable to attend group classes, or for those who for whatever reason might feel a little anxious about going to a Pilates class for the first time. You might wish to undertake regular one to one Pilates sessions, or have just a single session and then join in with one of Jane’s regular Pilates Classes, or perhaps practice at home, guided by our free Pilates Videos.

One to one classes last for one hour, and include a specially tailored exercised programme which is prepared and updated for you in advance of your classes at no extra cost.

“This week, I experienced my first 1 to 1 with Jane and found it very beneficial. After analysing my body and it’s abilities, we tried a variety of exercises and stretches, making sure my posture was correct! She was able to concentrate on my issues and worked out a custom routine which I am excited to try! Now Jane understands my body, I will book another session when we’ll work through an entire routine. Thank You Jane…highly recommended!”

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One to One Pilates

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Jane Mackenzie can!

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“I really enjoy Jane’s Pilates classes but having recently had a knee replacement I have also had Jane come round and do a one to one session at home, she is so professional and patient and has given me some great exercises and stretches to help improve my recovery and speed up my return to normal activities. I can’t wait to get back to my regular class, I love that her enthusiasm has inspired me to enjoy Pilates so much.”

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Tracy Rogans

One to One Pilates

One to One Pilates Folkestone and Hythe

“Thank you, Jane, for the expert pilates instruction you provided prior to my skiing holiday. The four one-to-one sessions were immensely helpful. I appreciate that you tailored a programme specifically to get me ready for my ski holiday. Not only did you spend the hour providing instruction, but you also kindly provided written details of all the necessary moves. This reference source is, and has been, invaluable. Your instruction meant that I went skiing with a stronger core and better balance after just three weeks’ work-up. I was able to ski for longer and with more confidence. I had no significant falls or accidents and firmly believe that this is directly attributable to my improved balance, strength and flexibility, thanks to your help. Thank you from Belinda (the happy and flexible skier)!”

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Belinda Stuart-Moonlight

One to One Pilates

One to One Pilates Folkestone and Hythe for Rehabilitation

Pilates expert Jane Mackenzie is Kent’s leading exercise professional, with over 25 years’ experience in the Health and Fitness industry. She is a highly qualified and experienced Pilates instructor and is also a Level 3 Personal Trainer. She is also a qualified Trigger Point Pilates instructor, and is Osteoporosis and Advanced Pilates: Back Care qualified.

Jane has a proven track record in Pilates for people with back problems, osteoporosis and other complex health conditions. She also specialises in Pilates for rehabilitation after knee and hip replacement surgery, as well as for strengthening prior to surgery.

After injury or surgery, the last thing you want to be told is that you can’t exercise. Jane Mackenzie successfully works with a wide range of clients to identify how they can exercise given each person’s individual circumstances. Jane takes great pleasure in helping you be the best you can be, whatever you are going through.

Jane has always been committed to further developing her knowledge and experience, and regularly attends national workshops and seminars in order to ensure she remains up-to-date with the latest best practice. Read Jane’s News to learn more. Why not contact Jane Mackenzie now, and find out how a one to one Pilates session could benefit you. Jane Mackenzie, Pilates instructor. One to One Pilates Folkestone and Hythe.

Do you have health issues that make exercising difficult?

It is unfortunate that less experienced instructors sometimes advise clients against undertaking Pilates, simply because they lack the knowledge necessary to adapt their routines to safely accommodate them. One example of this is clients with osteoporosis (fragile bones due to reduced bone density).

Exercise safely practiced, however, is essential for people with osteoporosis in order to strengthen the bones, reduce the risk of injury and improve functional ability. An experienced instructor such as Jane will be able to show you how to modify your Pilates routine in order to exercise safely.

Selected Qualifications

  • Masters in Education
  • CIMSPA Practitioner
  • Personal Fitness Trainer (L3)
  • Fitness Pilates
  • Advanced Pilates: Back Care
  • Trigger Point Pilates
  • Pilates for Clients with Osteoporosis
  • Exercise with Disabled Clients (L3)
  • Chair Based Exercise
  • Gym Instructor (L2)
  • Exercise to Music (L2)
  • Aqua Aerobics instructor
  • Step Aerobics instructor
  • 25+ years industry experience

“Having osteoporosis meant that I needed a specialist one-to-one session to gain advice on safe ways to participate in Pilates. I found Jane very enthusiastic and knowledgeable (see her list of qualifications!) She was able to guide me through methods of adapting Pilates exercises so that I now feel comfortable and confident that I will benefit greatly from Pilates without taking any unnecessary risks. Highly recommended to anyone in a similar position.”

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Elaine Savage

One to One Pilates

Trigger Point Pilates

One to one Trigger Point Pilates sessions also available for effective muscle release.

one to one trigger point pilates classes in folkestone and hythe

Jane Mackenzie's Pilates classes in Folkestone Hythe and Sellinge

Jane Mackenzie
MA, L3 Fitness Trainer
Telephone: 07703 792388

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