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Jane Mackenzie’s Health and Fitness. Group, one-to-one and online Pilates classes, based in Folkestone, Hythe and Sellindge, Kent. Join Kent’s leading Pilates instructor for the most effective and enjoyable Pilates classes.

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Jane Mackenzie Online Pilates

Group Classes Information

Everything you need to know:
Timetable, Venues, Prices, What to bring, Enquiries and Booking, Covid-19 Safety.

Prefer not to attend a group class?

Unable to or prefer not to attend group classes? Do you have complex health issues? Do you require rehabilitation after orthopedic or other surgery?

Jane Mackenzie Pilates Instructor outdoors at Hythe

Online Pilates Classes Now Running

Booking priority and £2 discount on all face-to-face classes for 24/7 members!

Join Jane Mackenzie 24/7, and access the highest quality Pilates instruction, wherever and whenever you like. Enjoy both livestream and recorded classes with Kent's leading Pilates instructor. Be part of a Pilates community where you will learn more about Pilates, ask questions, track your progress, and much more!

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Pilates classes Folkestone Hythe Social events

Group and online Pilates Classes Folkestone and Hythe. Pilates instructor Jane Mackenzie is Kent’s most highly qualified and experienced fitness professional, and is one of the UK’s top instructors. Jane has been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years, and as well as running her own pilates and other exercise classes, has also trained and assessed hundreds of new fitness instructors across the southeast for Future Fit and other training providers. Join one of Jane’s classes now – you really will notice the difference!

Jane has a huge portfolio of fitness and teaching qualifications, so coming to her classes, you can be sure you will receive the very highest level of expertise and therefore the safest and most effective exercise. Jane has a true passion for her work, and those of you who know Jane personally will know that her warm, friendly manner, attentiveness and genuine care for her clients makes all the difference. What do others say? Why not read some of Jane’s testimonials?

"As an Osteopath, I understand the need for the body to remain strong and well balanced in order to help maintain health. I recommend my patients to Jane because she too understands these principles and is so effective in implementing them in her pilates sessions. This ensures that participants feel well looked after and attain the best outcomes. I have attended a couple of times and intend to go as much as possible. I couldn't recommend Jane highly enough!"

Adam Riley

Osteopathist - Osteo Resolve, Folkestone

Pilates Classes with Jane Mackenzie

£10.00 per class or £36 for 4 classes

Flexibility, core strength and balance, with back care expertise.


of our clients come through word of mouth. Click to read why!

“I’ve had some great feedback from clients who have tried your classes, they all appreciate how clear your teaching is and how knowledgeable you are, it will really benefit people with postural conditions such as back pain. I didn’t expect any less as I know how much you love your job!”

Charlet Chrighton

Folkestone Sports Massage Therapy

Jane Mackenzie's Health and Fitness


“After only three weeks I am pain free in the mornings and have stopped taking anti inflammatory tablets. My only regret is that I didn’t start this years ago.”

Claire Smith

Thursday evening Pilates

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Supporting clients with long-term health conditions through Pilates exercise.

Etchinghill Pilates Social Walk and Lunch

Photos of our lovely Pilates Social walk from Etchinghill and Tolesford Hill.

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One of my regular Pilates clients has reversed her osteoporosis and osteopenia…

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Pilates Instructor Jane Mackenzie completes Level 4 Certificate in Physical Activity for Managing Low Back Pain.

Benefits of Pilates – U3A Presentation

Benefits of Pilates. A presentation to U3A Hythe, given by Jane Mackenzie on 10th January 2024.

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Some simple Pilates exercises. Pelvis and Core – Awareness and Alignment.

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I am sometimes asked by men or their partners whether I run any men only Pilates Classes in Folkestone and Hythe.

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Taking regular Pilates classes can help you lose weight, but why?

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Maybe you’ve heard of Pilates and wonder what it’s all about? Here are my top 10 reasons to start now.

Osteoporosis and Exercise

Osteoporosis is the weakening of our bones due to a reduction in their density, or more scientifically…

Women, Weight Training and Weight Loss

When we think of exercise appropriate to weight loss, we naturally think of ‘fat burning’ activities.

Pilates in the Scottish Glens

It is becoming something of a habit now for us to do a pilates photoshoot somewhere scenic whilst on holiday. And the shores of beautiful Loch Doon…

Menopause Weight Gain – What You Can Do

Weight gain around the middle of the body is commonly often associated with the menopause.

It’s OK to be Hungry Sometimes

It’s ironic to think that people who want to lose weight may start going to a slimming group, only to talk incessantly about eating!

Relief from Sciatica – Piriformis Syndrome

Are you in need of relief from Sciatica? Sciatica is pain caused by…

Regular Fitness Articles by PIlates instructor and fitness expert Jane Mackenzie, to help you stay healthy for life!

Jane Mackenzie MA, L3 Trainer. Folkestone and Hythe Group and Online Pilates Classes

Leading Pilates instructor Jane Mackenzie teaches group and 1-1 Pilates classes in Folkestone, Hythe and Sellindge, and online Pilates classes, offering both live Zoom classes and pre-recorded classes to take whenever you like.

CIMSPA personal logo_Practitioner

FitPro Member

Jane Mackenzie M.A.

Level 4 Pilates Instructor

Personal Fitness Trainer

Telephone: 07703 792388

WhatsApp chatJane on WhatsApp

Group 1-1 and online Pilates classes, insured by FitPro

Jane Mackenzie group and online Pilates instructor, CIMSPA Practitioner


Jane Mackenzie Pilates Classes Folkestone Hythe Sellindge
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Folkestone Hythe Sellindge Pilates instructor Jane Mackenzie

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