Jane using the TRX Suspension Training System

Pilates training – improving strength and balance using the TRX.

As well as practicing Pilates at home, I do like to go to the gym, and one of my favourite pieces of equipment is the TRX Suspension Training System. This system of straps and handles enables a wide variety of strength and stability exercises for the whole body. If you are short of time when in the gym, the TRX is also great to be able to work multiple muscle groups in one go.

Many people look at the TRX and don’t know what to do with it, so I thought I would share a few exercises that will challenge your balance, legs, arms, bottom and core strength as well as give you that all important bone loading we need as we get older.

The TRX suspension training system is all about using your own body weight to work the muscles in a suspended position prone or supine (on your front or back) which requires you to engage your core muscles and balance holding onto the straps. If you do use this equipment, get someone to check your alignment is correct throughout the movement. Like any exercise you do we need to have correct posture.

Another way is to get someone to video you, like I have done, to see if you are in line. This is also a great way to monitor your progress and a great visual aid for feedback. Remember, slowly does it and use your breathing technique.

These exercises are more advanced versions, to ebable you to see what I am currently doing to improve my own fitness, but there of course are easier versions of these exercises. I will complete other videos coming shortly to show the beginners guide to using the TRX.

Happiness and Health

JM x


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