This document may be updated as neccessary if further guidelines become available. It was last updated on 18/07/20.

Jane Mackenzie’s Health and Fitness is a family business, run by myself and my husband Mat. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to present significant challenges to our business, initially through the haulting of all income from group classes for four months during the lockdown period, but also due to a range of future uncertainties including: to what extent can sufficient class numbers be maintained during a long-term period of social distancing? Which halls will still permit us to hire them? And will there be more periods of complete lockdown?

As restrictions are eased and we move forward into group classes within an extended period of social distancing, it will be necessary to make some changes to the way our Pilates classes are operated. Primarily, this will mean reduced class sizes to enable social distancing, which in turn will make it more difficult for us to keep classes running in a viable way. This document outlines the changes we shall be implementing to keep you all safe and our business viable, along with the reasons why.

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Online Classes

Uptake of our ‘Jane Mackenzie 24/7’ online classes has been fantastic, but ‘normality’ is still a long way off, and for this reason we believe it is essential for us to continue to offer online Pilates classes in addition to group classes. We need to do so to cater for those vulnerable people who are still shielding, as well as those who do not currently feel confident to start group classes just yet. And indeed in our survey you told us that the majority of you wish to continue at least some online classes in tandem with group classes.

For those of you who will be starting group classes soon, we also need to keep 24/7 going in order to provide you with an uninterrupted Pilates service in case you are ever unable to go e.g. due to:

  • a reduction in class capacity due to fewer open venues and reduced class sizes necessary for social distancing,
  • possible ‘stop-start’ of all classes due to my required isolation, if I get symptoms, or due to contact tracing,
  • your required isolation, if you or a family member gets symptoms, or if you are required to due to contact tracing,
  • possible future restrictions, either closing of venues, or local or national lockdowns.

In order to keep running our online classes in a viable manner, we need to maintain sufficient numbers. Our aim is therefore to encourage as many of you as possible to maintain your subscription to Jane Mackenzie 24/7 in addition to your group classes. We are therefore providing two additional advantages to being a 24/7 member:

  • Cheaper group classes for 24/7 members
  • Group class booking priority for 24/7 members

Cheaper group classes for 24/7 members

If you maintain your 24/7 membership, you will receive a £2.00 discount on every group class you take.

(Note that in the descriptions below, we to refer to a 28 day period as a ‘month’ for simplicity.)

Our rationale is that the more group classes you take in any given period, the fewer online classes you would wish to take as well, so we reduce the effective additional cost of your 24/7 membership accordingly. This means that 24/7 remains fantastic value for money for you, however much or little you need to use it. (Although the discount is in practice applied to the group classes rather than 24/7 to make administration simpler, the net effect is the same.)

In order for this scheme to work for us all, there are a few necessary terms and conditions which are outlined in the questions and answers below. Most importantly: Your 24/7 membership must be current at the time you pay for your group classes AND at the time you take these classes (and continuous in between) for the discount to apply. For any pre-paid discounted group classes you wish to take after the expiry date of your 24/7 membership, your discount will no longer apply, and you will be required to pay in advance the balance of £2 per class in order to attend.

Cheaper Group Classes – Questions and Answers

What is the idea behind offering discounted group classes to 24/7 members?

The future availability of – or ability to attend – group classes is more uncertain whilst Coronavirus is still present in the community. For this reason, we want you to be able to switch between group and online classes as and when you need to. But we also appreciate that this needs to be cost-effective for you. By discounting group classes to 24/7 members, your membership effectively becomes cheaper the less you need it (the more group classes you take), but it’s still always there for you whenever you do.

If the idea is to make 24/7 cheaper the more group classes we take, why aren’t you discounting 24/7 membership instead?

Simply because, from an administrative point of view, it is much easier to apply a discount at the time you pay for group classes, rather than keep a track of how much discount each person earns from group classes, in order to deduct it when their 24/7 subscription is next due. Whether we discount 24/7 or group classes, the net effect for you is the same: the more group classes you take, the cheaper your 24/7 membership effectively becomes.

How does the system work? When do I receive my discount?

When you come to pay for your group classes, you will simply be charged the discounted rate for those classes if you are also a 24/7 member. (You continue to pay your £20 24/7 membership fee as normal, whenever it is due.)

I’m a 24/7 member. How much will group classes cost me to purchase?

A block of 4 classes will cost £22 (£5.50 per class), or individual classes will cost £6. (In contrast, non-members pay £30 for a block of 4, or £8 for a single class.)

How does this translate into a saving on my 24/7 membership?

The more group classes you take, the more money you save. The table below shows how much your 24/7 membership effectively works out costing each week, if also taking between 1 and 8 group classes per month. E.g. it is most common for people to come to group classes once a week (4 times a month). I this case, the 4 x £2 = £8 discount you receive means your 24/7 membership effectively costs you £20 – £8 = £12 for 28 days, or just £3 per week!

Examples: group classes taken per month, and effective weekly cost of your 24/7 membership

1 £4.50 5 £2.50
2 £4.00 6 £2.00
3 £3.50 7 £1.50
4 £3.00 8 £1.00

If I get discounted group classes, can I still use 24/7 as much as I like?

Yes, of course! Your 24/7 membership remains unchanged, and you can do as many online classes as you like, whenever you like. And remember, you have free access to Achieve 24/7 Weight Control and our Pilates Exercise Video Database as well!

Are there any differences between discounted and non-discounted group classes? E.g. can I still carry booked/pre-paid classes over to another week?

There are no differences – the same terms and conditions apply to discounted and non-discounted classes alike. E.g. if you are unable to attend a pre-paid group class, you can still carry it over to another class if you give us at least a week’s notice.

What happens if I later choose to stop my 24/7 membership while I still have pre-paid discounted classes outstanding to take?

For any pre-paid group classes you wish to take after the expiry date of your 24/7 membership, your discount will no longer apply, and you will be required to pay in advance the balance of £2 per class in order to attend. You must be a 24/7 member at the time you pay AND the time you take the class for the discount to apply (because buying discounted classes then cancelling your 24/7 membership shortly afterwards would not be in the spirit of the agreement).

Can I stop and then restart my 24/7 membership if I have paid for discounted classes?

Yes, but if you do, your discount on any pre-paid group classes you take after your first 24/7 expiry date will no longer apply, and you will be required to pay the balance of £2 per class in order to attend. Your 24/7 membership must be continuous between payment for classes and taking them, in order for the discount to apply. When you next come to pay for more group classes, provided you are a 24/7 member at the time, the discount would then apply again.

I still have some credit for pre-paid group classes cancelled during lockdown. Although I’m a 24/7 member now, I obviously wasn’t when I originally paid for those classes. Will I therefore not get a discount?

Like us, you weren’t to know that lockdown was coming, or how it would change the way we are running our Pilates classes. So yes indeed you will still get a discount on your pre-paid group classes, subject to the same terms as above (i.e. you must still be a 24/7 member at the time you take the classes for the discount to apply). We’ll simply keep a track of how much credit you have until that is used up.

I’m a 24/7 member, but my spouse/partner is not. How does the discount system work for us?

If you pay for classes for both yourself and your spouse at the same time, and only you are a member, the discounted rate will only apply to you. E.g. the amount you would pay for a block of 4 classes for you both would be: £22 + £30 = £52 (instead of £60 without the discount).

I’m not a 24/7 member and I’m about to pay for some group classes. Can I join Jane 24/7 and then receive the discount?

Yes of course, provided you pay for your 24/7 membership before or at the same time as your group classes, the discount will apply. Please remember that you must still be a 24/7 member at the time you come to take your classes, as explained above.

Does the members’ discount apply to outdoor classes and masterclasses as well?

Yes, of course – all face-to-face group classes.

What if I change my mind about anything after I have paid?

I’m sorry but the administrative overheads of running our business are such that we are not able to offer refunds on group or online classes. Hopefully, you will therefore take the opportunity to still attend classes, and maybe even get hooked on Pilates once you feel the benefits!

Click here for Terms and Conditions.

24/7 membership must be current both at time of payment AND time classes are taken, AND be continuous in between. (I.e. you can’t simply buy a block of discounted classes, then cancel your 24/7 membership. Whilst your discount is applied at the time you pay for your group classes, the idea is that classes are discounted for those who are also 24/7 members at the same time classes are taken, which is fair.) *See note on clients with existing credit.

If you pay for discounted classes, then choose to cancel your 24/7 membership before you come to take them, your discount will not apply to classes after your 24/7 expiry date, and you will be required to pay the remaining £2 per class in order to attend.

*Clients with existing group class credit: Clients with remaining credit from classes cancelled over the lockdown period may use this to pay for classes at the discounted rate if they are also 24/7 members, even though these classes were paid for before they became 24/7 members.

Group class discounts only apply to the same person taking the class as is also a 24/7 member. E.g. if you pay for classes for both yourself and your partner, and only you are a 24/7 member, the discounted rate will only apply to your classes.

Termination of Scheme

Jane Mackenzie reserves the right to terminate this scheme for any reason at any time. In this case, 24/7 access will be provided until your current membership period expires, although additional classes may not be added during the wind-down period. Discounted group classes will remain valid until your 24/7 expiry date. Any classes taken after this time will be charged at the normal class rate, and for pre-paid discounted classes the £2 difference per class payable.


Group class booking priority for 24/7 members

Current 24/7 members will receive priority over non-members when booking group classes.

  • If we receive two requests to join a class where only one space is available, this space will be given to the 24/7 member.
  • Where waiting lists for classes exist, if a space becomes available, 24/7 members will be offered the space before non-members.

In both cases, if more that one person is a 24/7 member, priority is given to the person who asked or joined the waiting list first. Of course, once you have paid, your place is guaranteed, irrespective of whether you are a 24/7 member or not.

Learn more about Jane Mackenzie 24/7 Online Pilates

Group Classes

Jane Mackenzie’s Health and Fitness is firmly committed to adhering to all mandatory rules and recommended guidelines concerning mitigation of the spread of Coronavirus. We work in conjunction with our professional industry body (CIMSPA) and insurers (FITPRO) in order to do so. Returning to group classes after lockdown, we have implimented a series of changes to ensure our clients remain safe at all times. In additional, we have made changes neccessary to keep our business viable given these changes.

Please note that you may NOT attend group classes if you are any experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, or have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Coronavirus.


  • Participants must remain a minimum distance apart during classes at all times, according to government guidelines. Currenty social distancing is 2 meters or ‘1 meter plus’ if mitigating steps are taken. We have calculated class sizes to ensure participants remain a minimum of 2 meters apart.
  • Group equipment will no longer be used. Participants may purchase their own equipment by contacting me.
  • Maximum class sizes will be reduced in order to permit the greater spacing of participants. New strict maximum numbers will apply, which will vary by location according to calculations of how many people can be accomodated whilst remaining the minimum distance apart.
  • There will be a price increase of 50p per class to help maintain reduced class sizes as viable to run. Cost is now £8 for a single class, or £7.50 per class in blocks of 4. Jane Mackenzie 24/7 members receive a £2 discount on these new prices. See Online Classes section.
Click here to learn more.

Maintaining social distancing and removing the chance of contamination from group equipment is now essential for everyone’s safety.

I am so sorry that we have had to increase prices, but we really can see no alternative given the reduction in class sizes that will now be necessary. Reduced class sizes means a significant reduction in income for us at an already difficult time, and this small increase will help offset this, albeit a little. I shall also now be accepting contactless card payments (see below), for which I must pay transaction fees.

If you have credit remaining from the period prior to lockdown, this will be used against the cost of your new classes, but the new rate of £8/£7.50 will still apply. E.g. if you have £28 credit from four classes remaining, you will be required to pay the balance of £2 (4 x 50p) for your new classes. The reason I must do this is because people now have all sorts of odd amounts of credit remaining (after paying for online Pilates) that do not neatly divide into a whole number of classes. By charging all clients the same rate from the start of this new phase of operation, it is fair to everyone.

  • I will now remain at the front during classes, and will no longer be moving through the class correcting people in a hands-on manner. This, in order to protect both myself and my participants. Instead I shall correct and advise verbally from the front.
  • Cash payments are no longer permitted. Payment for classes can now be made in advance by bank transfer or cheque, or at classes by contactless card payments (all credit cards accepted), or by Apple and Google pay.
  • Whilst our ‘turn up and pay’ option will still be available, we now strongly recommend that everyone books (pays) at least one week in advance to guarrantee their place, as class sizes will be reduced, and maximum numbers strictly adhered to.
Click here to learn more.
As well as social distancing between yourselves, it is also essential that I maintain a safe distance between myself and my clients, as I deal with a large number of people on a daily basis. If I get symptoms, or if I am required to isolate through track and trace, all classes will have to stop. Floor markers will be used to indicate the closest distance clients may approach when making bookings and payments. Whilst apparently strict, this not only protects me, but also yourselves.

Please note that telling me you are going to attend and will pay on the day does not guarrantee your place even if you are a regular to the class, and if in the meantime someone else books and pays for the place, you will lose it. The reason I must be stricter now is because reduced class sizes in themselves will make it difficult for me to operate in a viable manner. I cannot therefore absorb the additional loss incurred when people tell me they are going to attend and will pay on the day, and then don’t arrive for whatever reason (from experience, this unfortunately happens quite frequently).

  • Credit for classes cancelled due to future lockdowns will no longer be transferable to 24/7 Online classes. Credit will instead be frozen until classes resume.
  • Group classes may only be purchased in blocks of up to 4 at a time.
Click here to learn more.

When classes were suspended in March due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many of you were left having paid for classes which could not run. Throughout the lockdown period, many of you with pre-paid classes have used them as ‘credit’ in payment for/towards Jane Mackenzie 24/7 Online Pilates.

We have found though that the administrative burden for us in keeping track of everyone’s ‘credit accounts’, and sending individual emails with how much each person needs to pay and how much credit is remaining, is simply too great to be feasible in the future.

For this reason, if we do find ourselves in a lockdown situation again in the future, you will no longer be able to use your pre-paid classes as credit against Jane Mackenzie 24/7 and other online services. Instead, pre-paid classes will simply be carried over for you for until group classes resume again.

To ensure you don’t have too much credit outstanding in the case of future suspension of classes, classes may only be purchased up to 4 in advance at any time.

  • I will always adhere to recommended hand hygiene protocols.
  • I will ensure adequate ventilation during classes.
  • In conjuction with our venue providers will ensure that surfaces likely to be touched are clean before classes commence.
  • Documented risk assessments will be conducted for each venue.
  • Additional venue-specific safety information may be found in the Class Information page ‘Timetable and Venues’ section.

Please note that you may NOT attend group classes if you are any experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, or have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Class Layout and Social Distancing

Jane Mackenzie's Pilates Covid-19 Social Distancing Class Layout

Maximum class sizes have been worked out to permit a minimum of 2 meters social distancing between you and the people beside, in front and behind you. To ensure everyone is evenly spaced, we will initially use maker cones on the floor, one for each person. Please place your mat directly behind the cone (in relation to Jane at the front) as shown above. You should not touch the cones yourselves. Jane will collect them once your mats are positioned, just before class starts.

When we do our floor work, everybody will be asked to lie the same way round (head to the right or left), so that everyone’s heads remain 2 meters apart. When we come to change sides, we will no longer roll over, instead we will turn to place our heads the other side of the room. This enables Jane to remain at the front at all times, maximising available space.

Learn more about our group Pilates classes

One-to-One Classes

Taking advantage of our new online learning platform, we are excited to announce a new integrated approach to our one-to-one Pilates tuition. There will now be an option of two levels of service, which we hope will encourage our participants to join us online as well:

Standard: 1-to-1 (£40) and 2-to-1 (£48)

  • One hour one- or two-to-one Pilates tuition at your own home (when permissible), outdoors or by live video link.
  • Postural analysis.
  • Flexibility test.

Premium: 1-to-1 (£48) and 2-to-1 (£56)

  • As ‘Standard’, plus:
  • Tailored exercise program designed by Jane after your class, and based on your specific requirements.
  • Private online account with Jane Mackenzie’s Health and Fitness.
  • Access to our extensive Pilates Exercise database comprising over 70 Pilates exercise videos.
  • Your tailored exercise program will be saved to your online account, and linked for you to relevant videos within the exercise database.**
  • Access to our Achieve 24/7 Weight Control resources and online weight tracker.

**Access to your online account and the services above will be provided for a period of 28 days after your last one to one session. Further access to your account and online services is available for £10 per 28 days, or FREE for Jane Mackenzie 24/7 Online Pilates members.

Covid-19 Precautions

Jane’s one-to-one Pilates tuition will adhere to the current social distancing rules in place at the time classes are taken. E.g. if a 2 meter social distancing rule is in place, Jane will ensure she remains at least this far away from you at all times. Even if a 2 meter rule is no longer in place, Jane will be happy to still maintain this distance if you prefer to be extra cautious.

Jane always maintains the strictest hand hygeine practices, including regular hand-washing and the use of 70% alcohol hand gel. In addition, Jane will be happy to wear a face covering during your class if you prefer.

In line with industry recommendations, and as with group classes, shared equipment will no longer be provided. All neccessary and optional equipment can be purchased directly from Jane, and she will be happy to bring it to your class for you.

Learn more about our one-to-one Pilates classes


So, lots of changes ahead, and some exciting times, too. We are especially excited to be moving towards a more integrated approach to Pilates tuition, combining both face-to-face and online delivery of classes. And of course I’m absolutely delighted to be teaching you face-to-face again. To summarise:

Online classes

  • £2.00 discount on all group classes for Jane Mackenzie 24/7 members
  • Group class booking priority for 24/7 members
  • This to encourage maintenance of membership for when attendance of group classes is not possible
  • 24/7 membership must be active when group class payments are made AND when classes are taken in order for discount to apply.
  • Read all
  • Go to Jane 24/7 Online Pilates

Group classes

  • Reduced class sizes to permit social distancing
  • Contactless card payments now accepted. No cash payments.
  • Group equipment no longer provided
  • 50p price increase
  • Read all
  • Go to group Pilates information

One-to-One classes

Whatever the future holds, my passion for teaching you all Pilates remains as strong as ever, and I shall of course continue to help you keep happy and healthy to the very best of my ability.

If there’s anything in the above document that you are not completely clear about, please do get in touch and I’ll be happy to explain.

See you in class!

Happiness and Health – JM x

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