Advanced Pilates Masterclass in Hythe with Jane Mackenzie

A series of advanced Pilates masterclasses by leading Kent instructor Jane Mackenzie. Longer, more challenging classes with more technical explanations, perfect if you already practice Pilates regularly. And of course, as with all of Jane’s classes, lots of fun!

“An excellent masterclass, where verbal cues and teaching points ensured that all participants stayed safe and were able to carry out the moves with ease, and were able to work at the level which best suited their ability and level of fitness. It was delivered in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, making it fun to participate.”

Carol Boughton (Pilates Instructor)

Carol Boughton

Advanced Pilates Masterclass (Rockin' Rollers)

NEW! Rockin’ Rollers: Balance and Muscle Release using Foam Rollers

  • Saturday 18th April 2020, 9.30 – 11.00 am
  • Hythe Cricket and Squash Club, The Grove, Hythe, Kent. CT21 6AX. Click here for Google map.
  • £33 per person per class, including foam roller! (limited to 14 participants)
  • Above cost includes your very own high quality Pilates foam roller as pictured below, for you to keep, practice at home, and bring to future foam roller classes! (Contact Jane for price excluding roller, if you already have your own.)
  • Note that our foam rollers are specially designed for Pilates, and are narrower and longer (and therefore more comfortable to use) than the poorer quality rollers commonly seen in shops.
  • £18 for previous participants bringing their own foam rollers.

About the Rockin’ Rollers Masterclass

When used correctly, foam rollers provide an opportunity to further challenge the core muscles, by providing a less stable base of support. Foam rollers may also be used to massage muscles and fascia, in order to stimulate release of tension.

Utilising four key positions:

  1. on our backs, lying along the length of the roller
  2. on all fours with our hands or elbows on the roller and our knees on the mat
  3. on our backs, with feet on the roller and our body on the mat
  4. on our backs, with the roller under our hips.

Jane Mackenzie will guide you through a series of specially designed Pilates foam roller exercises to help you develop your core strength beyond its current level, utilising the inherent instability of the roller to challenge your balance, in order to really fire up those stabilising muscles.

Core strength is key to functional ability and reduction of risk of injury, but so too is flexibility. The masterclasses will therefore also include some lovely myofascial release work using both foam rollers and trigger point balls, focusing on those problem areas: upper back, neck and shoulders. By the end of the masterclass you really will be rockin’ your roller!

Once you have learnt how to use your roller correctly, you will be able to use it at home as an additional tool to incorporate into your regular Pilates moves, allowing you to lengthen the spine in a way that lying on a mat alone can’t achieve.

This 1.5 hour masterclasses will be more challenging class designed for those who are already attending regular Pilates classes, and will also include more detailed explanations of the muscles groups involved and how they are interacting, for those interested in understanding more about the way our bodies work during exercise. The masterclasses will also utilise equipment including bands and balls.

“This class meant that I needed to really concentrate which meant that I was able to completely switch off from all other thoughts during the hour and a half I was there. I felt challenged but in a positive way as I was able to do much more that I had anticipated giving me a huge sense of achievement.”

Sarah Tupper

Advanced Pilates Masterclass (Functional Flow)

Masterclasses are filling up quickly

Pilates Masterclass Booking

  • Rockin’ Rollers #2, 18th April – Taking bookings! 36% 36%

If the masterclass you wish to attend is showing as fully booked, please contact Jane to be added to a waiting list in case of future cancellations.

Please let us know you that you are interested in attending by completing the secure form below. Jane will then contact you to ask if you would like to book by making payment via bank transfer. If you do not wish to use the web form, please Contact Jane using whichever means you prefer.

Please note that booking and payment in advance is required for these masterclasses, and that places are limited to 14 participants on a first come first served basis. Please read our Terms and Conditions for masterclass bookings.

Other Masterclasses

Functional Flow: Maintaining Core Stability throughout Movement

  • Contact Jane for future dates
  • Hythe Cricket and Squash Club, The Grove, Hythe, Kent. CT21 6AX. Click here for Google map.
  • £18 per person per class (limited to 14 participants)

About the Functional Flow Masterclass

Engaging the core muscles whilst static is an important first step towards building strength and prevention of injury, but it is often the case that tension in the core muscles is released as movement commences. This reduces the efficacy of exercises, and can also increase the risk of injury, especially to the back.

During these 1.5 hour advanced Pilates masterclasses, Jane Mackenzie will guide you through a series of her own specially prepared advanced Pilates exercise variations, designed to help you develop your core stability throughout movement.

Advanced Pilates masterclass in Hythe with Jane Mackenzie. Take your core stability to the next level!

Jane Mackenzie

MA, L3 Fitness Trainer

Telephone: 07703 792388

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Jane Mackenzie group and online Pilates instructor, CIMSPA Practitioner


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