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Rockin’ Rollers – Advanced Pilates Masterclass in Hythe

We had a fantastic full turn out for my brand new ‘Rockin’ Rollers’ advanced Pilates masterclass on Saturday 29th February. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this masterclass, and sharing the important benefits of foam roller exercises with everyone.

I run masterclasses to further challenge those who already regularly attend Pilates classes, as well as to instructors who want to come along and get new ideas with different equipment and exercises.

For those of you who have not used a Pilates foam roller before, here is a short summary of what we covered. We used four different positions on the rollers:

  • on our backs, lying along the length of the roller
  • on all fours with our hands or elbows on the roller and our knees on the mat
  • on our backs, with feet on the roller and our body on the mat
  • on our backs, with the roller under our hips.

From these positions a variety of Pilates exercises were used to release the shoulders and arms, as well as work the key core muscles and stabilisers, whilst adding length through the body. Each position on the roller challenged different core areas in a way that being on mat alone does not.

Release work using both rollers and trigger point balls followed, targeted the problem areas where we often feel tension: legs, bottom and upper back. Whilst, everyone was encouraged to try using both the roller and the trigger point balls, we found that some preferred the roller for some areas and the trigger point balls for others.

I demonstrated a variety of different positions in which the equipment can be used. As you know from my classes, there are always several different ways to work, release and stretch the muscles. We are all different and have our own strengths and weaknesses throughout our bodies, so having alternatives is very important. I always encourage a two-way process of instruction and feedback within my classes, and your comments during the masterclass were really helpful.

We then stretched using resistance bands on the roller to really lengthen the hip flexors and hamstrings, and we also stretched the pectoral muscles as to create space across the chest. Again, a variety of positions were used to develop the stretches. Many of the participants commented that they preferred using the rollers for some of the stretches that would usually be completed on the mat.

Each masterclass participant now has their own foam roller to use at home and to bring along to their regular classes, making the most of the fantastic opportunities rollers provide to stretch and further challenge the muscles.

It was such a pleasure to present this masterclass, and I am firmly planning to run a ‘Rockin’ Rollers #2’ masterclass in the near future – watch this space!

Advanced Pilates Masterclass in Hythe Evaluation and Feedback

I always evaluate my classes in order to make them the very best they can be, and feedback from participants was gained via an online form. Feedback so far has been very positive and constructive, so thank you to everyone who sent their in comments. They will, of course, be used to make my subsequent masterclasses even better! As you know I am constantly looking at ways to improve my classes, and really appreciate your feedback, as I want everyone to get the maximum benefit from every session I teach. Some of your kind positive comments are below.

Happiness and Health – JM x

“This session was quite an education. Who would have thought that a roll of foam could be so versatile and effective for stretching and working the muscles. I think the extra height often made it easier to do the exercises for some reason. Thank you very much. This was very helpful, Jane.”

Katherine robinson

Advanced Pilates Masterclass (Rockin' Rollers)

“An excellent masterclass, where verbal cues and teaching points ensured that all participants stayed safe and were able to carry out the moves with ease, and were able to work at the level which best suited their ability and level of fitness. It was delivered in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, making it fun to participate.”

Carol Boughton (Pilates Instructor)

Carol Boughton

Advanced Pilates Masterclass (Rockin' Rollers)

“I really enjoyed the class, it was taught very well, you always make me feel comfortable, help is there and you make it easy to ask questions. I am glad that I found you. Thank you.”

Christine Andrews

Advanced Pilates Masterclass (Rockin' Rollers)

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