Folkestone Pilates Social Walk

Folkestone Pilates Social Walk

It was lovely to see so many of you at our Folkestone Pilates Social Walk this morning. There were fifteen of us in total, representing most of my classes. And, what’s more, we were blessed with amazing, warm, sunny weather – as usual 🙂

The walk started in Sandgate, and went along the seafont towards Folkestone, then up the zigzag path to the Leas, along the top and back down the steps to the beach. Then back along the seafront to Sandgate. (Thanks Jacqui Harding for the BitFit readout of how far we went and for how long!)

After our walk, we stopped at the outdoor café near the Rowing Club for a drink, and some enjoyed a well earned ice cream. It is a place I would definitely recommend! It was so lovely to chat to everyone, and to socialise without doing any Pilates (except pulling up our pelvic floor at the start) 🙂

I plan to arrange other weekend social gatherings over the coming months, so watch this space! Some of you talked about cycling, so one of these events will be a bike ride, but we will do other walks, too. There was already some talk today on where we could walk next. We are so lucky to have such a lovely place to explore and enjoy the countryside and beach.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Folkestone Pilates Social Walk for making it so enjoyable. I really look forward to our next social gathering and seeing everyone in Pilates classes next week.

Folkestone Pilates Social Walk Folkestone Pilates Social Walk Folkestone Pilates Social Walk

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