Outdoor Pilates in Hythe with Jane Mackenzie

Some photos of my outdoor Pilates in Hythe.

Well done to all my wonderful Pilates people who braved the hot weather to keep their Pilates going this week.

I’ve been doing all I can to make sure classes are as comfortable as possible during this our second heatwave of 2019, but providing a through-draft only goes so far. For maximum refreshment, there is nothing like an outdoor Pilates class in the shade!

Fortunately I’m lucky enough to have outdoor space available at most of my teaching locations, such as here at Hythe Cricket and Squash Club. Here, the large playing fields surrounded by trees provides ample opportunity for cover, much to our relief last Thursday. We even just about managed to dodge the thunderstorm that came through at the end of our evening class!

Outdoor Pilates in Hythe with Jane Mackenzie

Outdoor Pilates in Hythe with Jane Mackenzie’s Health and Fitness. Expert group and one to one Pilates classes in the Folkestone and Hythe area.

This summer I am also running a series of special ‘popup’ outdoor Pilates classes on the Leas in Folkestone. Click below for more information.

Outdoor Pilates Classes – Details and Booking

Information on our regular Pilates classes

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