Thank you to everyone who completed our recent client survey for Jane Mackenzie 24/7 Online Pilates classes. As as educationalist as well as a fitness professional, I know the importance of regularily gaining feedback in order to make sure the classes I provide are the very best they can be. Your help is therefore very much appreciated.

Without further ado then , let’s see what you told us…

Online Pilates Survey Results

Jane Mackenzie 24/7 Online Pilates comprises: full hour recorded classes, live Zoom classes, special harder ‘Pilates Challenges’ and relaxation sessions.

  • All of you have taken the recorded sessions
  • 33% of you have taken the live Zoom sessions
  • 30% of you have taken the challenges
  • 33% of you have taken the relaxation sessions

Our growing selection of high quality recorded classes forms the ‘backbone’ of Jane Mackenzie 24/7, and it’s fantastic to learn you are all doing them. We shall of course continue with the live classes, at least until group classes resume, and will continue to add new challenges and relaxations sessions for those who like to take them.

During the nice weather, we have been recording some of our classes outdoors in scenic locations.

  • 67% of you enjoyed these for a change
  • 30% of you didn’t mind either way
  • 4% preferred our indoor classes

The majority of you enjoy these classes, as we do recording them! We are of course limited to recording on nice calm sunny says, so for those who prefer our indoor recordings, I doubt we will do that many oputdoor ones given the British weather!

For variety, on one occassion so far we have run two 30 minute ‘focus classes’ instead of the single one hour class.

  • 59% of you enjoyed this for a change
  • 37% of you didn’t mind either way
  • 4% preferred not to take these

Most of you enjoyed the change, so we’ll do these now and again.

As part of the Jane Mackenzie 24/7 servic, you should feel free to contact Jane either by phone or message if you have any questions or concerns about your Pilates.

  • All but one of you felt free to contact Jane whenever you like
  • One person said they would feel awkward doing so

This is great to hear, as feeling free to contact Jane when need be is a very important part of ensuring you keep exercising safely and effectively. To person who didn’t feel comfortable doing so – “please give me a call to say hello – you will be very welcome!” – JM 07703 792388.

When we return to group classes, we plan to keep online classes running in parallel, so you have the flexibility to do both as suits you.

  • 48% of you are keen to do both group and online classes
  • 26% of you may possibly still do some online classes occassionally
  • 15% of you plan to stop online classes once group classes resume
  • 11% of you plan to continue online classes instead of group classes

With 85% of you telling us you wish to continue with online classes to some degree, you have reinforced the importance to us of keeping this service running after group classes resume. We are currently looking into ways to make combining group and online classes cost-effective for you.

We also provide weight control resources free to Jane Mackenzie 24/7 members, a service called ‘Achieve 24/7’.

  • 11% of you have used these
  • 89% of you have not

We are glad that some of you have used these resources, and do hope that if you need to, you will give Achieve 24/7 a try. We will continue to provide this service free of charge to 24/7 members.

We also maintain an extensive ‘Pilates Exercise Video Database’, comprising over 70 short instructional videos, free to Jane Mackenzie 24/7 members.

  • 33% of you have used this
  • 67% of you have not

Our exercise database is a relatively new feature, so this is a really good start. We would encourage users to take a look at it, and please do let us now if you think there are ways in which we can make it even more useful. We will continue to provide this service free of charge to 24/7 members.

We asked you if you felt that at £18 per 28 day period, Jane Mackenzie 24/7 and its associated additional services represented good value for money.

  • 74% of you felt it was very good value for money
  • 26% of you felt our pricing was about right
  • Nobody felt it was overpriced

Our aim is to ensure our classes and services remain excellent value for money, so this is good to hear!

We needed to develop our website very rapidly in order to move classes online when lockdown was announced. We asked you how easy to use you have found the system.

  • Half of you felt it was very easy to use
  • Half of you had some issues initially when getting logging in and getting started
  • One person found it a bit confusing

We’re very glad that almost all of you find the system easy to use, at least after some initial issues. Throughout the last few months we have continuously refined the user interface to make things as simple and straightforward as possible. We are always here to help if you do have any issues logging in, and if you have any specific suggestions as to how we may imporve the website further, we will be happy to hear from you.

General Feedback

We also received many kind comments from you about how much you are enjoying your online classes, although of course many of your are equally keen to restart group classes again – as are we! And thank you also for pointing out a couple of minor ‘glitches’ that we will do our best to address.

“I find very nice to return to Pilates. My body feels so much better now after only 2 or 3 weeks of practice. I really enjoy your zoom classes. The recorded classes are good and very useful as well, but I prefer live classes.”

“I really like the online pilates classes; it’s like being at the front of the class, and is always available at a time to suit you.”

“I have really enjoyed these online classes. They are easy to use and I like that I have access to all recordings so I can go back and redo classes. It’s like a pick and mix. Also can do pilates anytime of day and night and where ever I am.”

“Online options are great if it would be difficult normally for you to get to a class. I think the site is great and there is lots to do on there and to choose from.”

“Well done Jane, lovely to be able to keep doing some pilates.”


Online Pilates Classes Now Running

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