Pilates Instructor Jane Mackenzie completes another high-level fitness qualification:

Level 4 Certificate in Physical Activity and Lifestyle Strategies for Managing Low Back Pain.

Jane already has several qualifications relating to back health, but wanted to consolidate these by completing the most advanced (Level 4 Certificate) offered to fitness professionals. She has undertaken this in order to offer the greatest depth of knowledge and understanding when supporting clients to improve their back health. Jane said:

“Over the years more and more people come along to my Pilates classes in Folkestone, Hythe and Sellindge who have back pain, maybe because they have heard that I will give them exercises that will help their condition and help them to manage their pain and get a better understanding of how to exercise to get stronger and healthier. I have worked with clients in classes, but also on a one-to-one basis with many clients who were fearful of exercising due to back pain or other medical conditions. It is important to know when someone can exercise and when they need referring to a clinician for further investigation and/or treatment.”

“I apply Pilates to the activities of daily living and functional exercises we carry out and this is so important too for back health. I have learnt that exercise isn’t just about a physiological approach, but has a psychological aspect, too. There is so much research which shows the importance of how we approach exercise and rehabilitation mentally. This isn’t just for back pain, but any medical condition.”

“I always use the Pilates method with those I work with, as I believe this is the best form of exercise to improve posture, balance, coordination, core strength and mobility and an overall wellbeing that no other form of exercise provides.”

Jane is continuing her studies, and is in the process of completing her ‘Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Clients with Long-term Conditions’, which is proving to be one of the most challenging courses she has undertaken in recent years.

Jane believes that continued education is essential for all fitness professional, enabling them to pass on their knowledge in classes to the benefit of their clients.

“Every day is a learning opportunity for us all and I for one intend to be a lifelong learner!”

Jane Mackenzie Specialist in Managing Low Back Pain

Learn more about Jane Mackenzie, and her Pilates Classes in Folkestone and Hythe

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