DEXA scan T-scores, ranging from normal to low (osteoporotic)
For more information on osteoporosis, it’s risk factors and what you can do to help yourself:
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Pilates with Jane Mackenzie to improve bone density – Nicolina’s story

I’m delighted to report that one of my regular Pilates clients, Nicolia, has reversed her osteoporosis and osteopenia, making significant improvements on her hip and spine DEXA scores. She is currently now working towards getting her next DEXA scan into the normal range for all her bones.

Osteoporosis is the weakening of our bones due to a reduction in their density. One in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 experience fractures, mostly as a result of low bone strength. Women are more susceptible to osteoporosis due to the menopause.

I started working with Nicolina in November 2022. She wanted 1:1 sessions on Zoom as it was too far for her to travel to me. She had been diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia, was very converned about her bone health, and wanted to train with someone she could trust. We meet every 3-4 weeks and have worked on improving her muscle and bone strength to minimise osteosarcopenia as she gets older. Nicolina is then provided with recordings of the exercises we complete each week, for her to work on in her own time.

Nicolina has worked really hard to improve her balance, as well as specific exercises to improve strength and bone loading, not just in her hips and back, but throughout her whole body. It can be scary being given a low score for your bone density, but not really knowing how to manage this condition. Hence I spent time training  and educating Nicolina to understand what exercises she could do safely and what she needed to be aware of regarding her day to day life and diet.

DEXA T-scores November 2022 March 2024
Spine -1.2 (osteopenic) -0.5 (normal)
Left Hip -2.3 (osteopenic) 1.6 (normal)
Right Hip -2.5 (osteoporotic) 1.7 (normal)

Nicolina was so pleased with her recent DEXA T-scores, she messaged me:

“I have some wonderful news! I got the results of my Dexa scan this week and I just wanted to say a big thank you as my bone density has got a lot lot better, especially my hips! Thank you so so much for all of your guidance and encouragement”.

If you would like to discuss how Pilates with Jane Mackenzie could help you improve your bone density, and the significant benefits of doing so, please call Jane on 07703 792388 or email 

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