Some photos of our lovely walk and lunch below!…

Over the years our Pilates family has grown dramatically, and we now also enjoy walks and social events together outside of classes throughout the year. We have a WhatsApp group to share events and chat, as well as many ‘little’ groups who go for coffee after class and share fun times together. I sincerely hope that our Pilates family will grow even bigger in the coming years.

Today we had a Pilates walk from Etchinghill and Tolesford Hill, and afterwards a pub lunch. It was such a scenic walk, thanks to Karen’s route planning. It was wonderful to spend time together outside of class and walk and talk. We had a wonderful meal at the Gatekeeper Inn, and Helen the owner, really looked after us. The service and food was amazing. Also joining us were several four legged friends: Monty, Jess, Poppy and Rosie, our Pilates pets!

‘Exercise and Socialise’ has always been my motto, and I love it that you are all developing friendships together that will last a lifetime. Exercise shouldn’t just be about the physical movment, but how it makes you feel, and socialising is a great way to feel connected. As always we are stronger together!

We are already planning the next Pilates social, but if anyone has an event and wants others from our Pilates family to join them, let me know or post it up on the WhatsApp group. I set up the group, but it belongs to you all. If anyone wants to join that group please let me know. Everyone is welcome and it’s a great way to chat!

See you all in class!

Jane x

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