Jane Mackenzie – Kent’s leading Pilates Instructor? You decide…

We believe that Jane Mackenzie is Kent’s leading Pilates instructor, and here are our ten reasons why.

1. Exercise Professional

Jane has been an exercise professional for over 30 years. As well as a professional fitness instructor, she is also a Course Trainer, Assessor and External Verifier, and has helped hundreds of new instructors gain their own exercise qualifications.

2. Experienced Teacher

Jane is a highly qualified teacher. Her teaching benefits from both bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in education. As such, jane understands the need for feedback. How many other Pilates instructors conduct detailed, actionable client surverys?

3. Full Time Instructor

Jane has been a full-time professional Pilates instructor for 8 years, and teaches over 150 people each week in her own highly successful group, online and one-to-one Pilates classes. She also runs outdoor and masterclass Pilates sessions. During her expansive career, Jane has taught practically every exercise system there is, and therefore brings to class with her an unmatched blend of experience and knowledge.

4. Qualifications

Jane has a comprehensive range of Pilates teaching qualifications, including at advanced levels. She also has a huge portfolio of related fitness and exercise qualifications, and is also a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

5. Professional Development

Jane regularly attends national workshops and seminars to enhance and further her knowledge. She is also constantly studying and developing her own new ideas. Jane is currently in the final stages of completing a series of highest level Pilates qualifications, which will firmly cement her position as one of the UK’s top instructors.

6. Equality and Diversity

Jane has qualifications in working with chair based clients and those with disabilities, to ensure she can best serve everyone.

7. Rehabilitation

Jane has a proven track record successfully working one-to-one with clients with a wide range of health issues, including post-orthopedic surgery rehabilitation.

8. Reputation

Jane has received dozens of glowing testimonials from her Pilates clients, delighted to have benefited from her extensive knowledge and experience.

9. Giving Back

Through her business, Jane gives back to the local and wider community through free talks to groups, and charity fundraisers. She also runs regular social events for her clients.

10. Passion

Jane has a true passion for her work, and genuinely cares about all her clients. Her warm, friendly nature means that everyone always feels welcome, and her great sense of humour ensures classes are relaxed and fun as well.

We hope you agree, and will join Jane for a Pilates class soon.

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