Fitness Pilates 3rd Annual Summit

This weekend I attended the Fitness Pilates 3rd Annual Summit in London run by Rachel Holmes and Kelly Reed-Banks who designed the Ftiness Pilates system. There was over 100 hundred like-minded instructors, motivated and enthusiastic to learn and enjoy the day. The event had a packed program of talks and sessions which covered topics such as:

  • Active mobility warm up ideas
  • Glute Activation and The Posterior Chain
  • Fitness Pilates Myofascial Release using Trigger Point Balls
  • Older Adults update (using chairs sitting and standing)
  • Men on Mats – a class specifically designed for men
  • Posture Correction

Attending Summits such as these enables me to put myself back in the place of the participant in order to learn, practice a variety of new moves and techniques, and learn about new research to support a wider spectrum of people in my classes and 1:1. This means I can bring new moves, and equipment to the classes, and maintain the variety and progression that encourages people to keep coming back week after week.

I am so excited to be able to share this with you all over the coming weeks and months.

Fitness Pilates 3rd Annual Summit

Fitness Pilates 3rd Annual Summit

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