Cherry Baker Pilates Training Weekend

Pilates Training Weekend with Cherry Baker

Last weekend my sister Carol ( and I went to the Cherry Baker Pilates training weekend in Derby. As you know I like to attend as many training events as possible, to increase my knowledge and learn new exercises to teach to my classes.

Cherry is one of the leading Pilates presenters in this country. I was lucky enough to attend her osteoporosis training course last year in London, so I knew we were in for a great weekend of education, inspiration and motivation. Cherry had a team of instructors and physiotherapists she works with who are presenting with her over the weekend, along with other well-known instructors.

Over the three days I went to 10 classes, lectures and workshops. The sessions focused on specific ways and methods of teaching Pilates which were new and innovative as well as educational. They also covered topics such as fascia release, breathing, balance and the pelvic floor, to name but a few.

Attending training events such as these allows me to be on the other side as a ‘participant’, which is very important for instructors who teach a lot. They also help me increase my knowledge and understanding of Pilates. It is always a treat to learn from some of the best in the fitness world, and be enthused and inspired by their passion to improve health and fitness.

Whilst I came back late Sunday night tired, I felt rejuvenated, inspired and physically and mentally worked. Over the coming weeks I will be sharing some of the teachings from the weekend with you!

I look forward to seeing you in class.

JM x

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