Pilates Exercise Video Database

Jane Mackenzie’s Pilates Exercise Video Database

A comprehensive library of Pilates exercises plus Jane’s own unique variations

We are delighted to launch our new Pilates Exercise Video database, a comprehensive video library comprising both standard Pilates exercises, and many of Jane Mackenzie’s own special variations, developed after nearly 30 years as a fitness professional.

Our Pilates Exercise Video database utilises the same stylish online platform we developed for our full online classes – Jane Mackenzie 24/7, so existing clients will find the system instantly familiar. The database is usefully indexed in multiple ways, and is of course fully searchable.

Building our online Pilates instruction presence, we have decided to make the database freely available to Jane Mackenzie 24/7 Online Pilates members (itself costing just £4.50 per week), and it’s very easy to switch between the two services. So, if you’re not sure how to do a particular move, want to know how to exercise a particular muscle group, or want some additional help, it’s no more than a couple of clicks away. And if you need to contact Jane for help or advice regarding your weekly Pilates practice, She can now also provide you with links to the appropriate exercises within the database. It’s joined up thinking!

Pilates Exercise Video Database

Our Pilates Exercise Video database also bridges the gap between face-to-face and online delivery of Pilates instruction, something we believe is especially important during an extended period of varying Covid lockdown measures.

We shall therefore be offering database access along with a personal online acount to our one-to-one and group Pilates clients, enabling Jane to deliver personal Pilates resources to each client as required. For example, a one-to-one Pilates client receiving a taylored exercise program can now receive links to specific database exercises for ongoing guidance and instruction.

Pilates Exercise Video Database

Currently comprising more than 70 different exercise videos, each delivered in Jane’s clear and popular style, we shall be building the database with even more content during the coming weeks. And of course we’ll be listening to you our clients, and adding the things you want to see.

Perhaps you want to build your own routines from exercises within the usual ‘warmup’, ‘balance’, ‘floor’ and ‘stretches’ sections? Perhaps you want to learn about different exercise variation utilising equipment such as the Pilates block, soft ball or foam roller? Or perhaps you want to target a particular body area or problem? Either way, our Pilates Exercise Video Database is for you!

It’s also important to remember that this is not an isolated resource that you gain access to and then are simply ‘left to it’. All of Jane Mackenzie’s Pilates clients are encouraged to get in touch if they have any problems or issues, so she can help and advise as neccessary.

If you would like more information about the ways in which Jane’s integrated approach to Pilates instruction can help you, please do get in touch!

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