Hello Everyone

This has been a wonderful summer for me, and I hope for you, too. We are all fully vaccinated (I hope!), and things are very nearly back to normal. Once again we can enjoy each other’s company face-to-face. And we have also had our first Pilates social event since 2019! We have also had the opportunity to take many of our classes outdoors in the fresh air, and some of you have been enjoying a regular dip in the sea with me after class, too! (I fully plan to keep that going at least until Christmas.)

The autumn period will soon be upon us, after my usual start-of-September holiday (see dates below), and this generally means demand for classes increases, as fewer people are on holiday, and most are re-establishing healthy routines. For this reason, please make sure to book your next block of classes well in advance to avoid disappointment; whilst I have increased class numbers a little since restrictions were lifted, we shall not be returning to pre-pandemic numbers quite yet, for your comfort and safety, so I may struggle to fit everyone in.

Holiday Dates

A reminder that we shall be taking a holiday very soon, so please note that the classes below will NOT be running (including Zoom classes):

  • Thursday 2nd September 6.00 pm HCC cancelled
  • All classes cancelled week commencing 6th September
  • All classes cancelled week commencing 13th September

For those of you with pre-booked classes which have been cancelled, I have transferred your places forward. If this corresponds to a date you can’t make, please let me know. We are back to normal from Tuesday 21st September.

While we are away, please feel free to email me if you need to, but I’m going to try and leave replying until when we return home. It would also be very helpful if you could use email rather than other channels, so that I have everything in one place for when I return.

Keep Your Pilates Going

If you would like to keep your Pilates going while I am away by taking my 24/7 online classes, please let me know as soon as possible. You can transfer a pre-paid group class for each week of online Pilates access, and take as many classes as you like whenever you like during this period!  There are currently over 65 full hour classes to choose from! My current 24/7 members all benefit from seamless access to classes all year round, as well as a significant £2 discount on every group class purchased, so why not also think about joining on an ongoing basis?! https://www.janem.co.uk/jane247/

Need to Protect or Strengthen Your Back?

For those experiencing issues with their backs, or who wish to strengthen and protect them, don’t forget that our online ‘Back Health Toolkit’ is now available for purchase for just £39. This is comprehensive resource comprising 50 instructional videos will  help you resolve those ‘niggles’ and minimise the risk of back injury, through correcting your posture and selectively strengthening and mobilising different areas. For more information and to purchase, please click here: https://www.janem.co.uk/courses/back-health-protect-and-strengthen/ . Please pass this on to anyone you feel might benefit!

 And Finally – A Request

PLEASE, PLEASE can you bring a means of payment with you when you come to class, in case your current block has expired that week. I find I am having more and more work to do following up people for late payments because they have come to class after their current block has expired and they have no means of payment with them. I know you all fully intend to – and will – pay in arrears, but this is difficult for me, as I then have an unnecessary administrative overhead keeping tabs and letting people know. It puts me in a difficult position, as the last thing I would ever want to do is turn a regular member away. I do try and remind people when it’s nearly time to purchase a new block, but it is your responsibility to remember. Please pop it in your diary or calendar. And if you also bring cash or a card with you to class just in case, there will never a issue! Many thanks.

See you in class and online for our Stretch and Relaxation focus this week. If you have Trigger Point balls, please bring them along with you. Their use is optional, but I’ll have some sets available to purchase if you wish to.

Happiness and Health

Jane Mackenzie

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