Hello Everyone

We have been teaching our Pilates classes with you face to face for six years now, and online for three. Well done everyone who comes to classes and social events, and helps continue to build our Plates family. I am so lucky to do what I love, and to share that with you all. I am always humbled by your commitment to your own health and wellbeing. None of us take it for granted, and we all greatly value our health and mental wellbeing. Research shows that those who exercise regularly, live life in moderation and have a good social network live longer. (Not to mention standing on one leg regularly!) Remember we are all going to be ‘upright until we are 93’!

To Bring to Class w/c 24th April – Trigger Point balls and/or a roller

We are working on myofascial release next week in class. If you have trigger point balls please bring them, along with a short or long roller and band. I will bring a few spare balls. If you only have the balls or roller we will be practicing with both as some prefer a roller and others prefer the trigger point balls. Tennis balls, or small balls can be used.  Ideally 2 would be good, but if you only have one that can be used too.

If you don’t have any Trigger Point balls, you can purchase them from our shop, and I will bring them to class for you. It is important that you use them at home regularly as well, as release work is just as beneficial as stretching for your health.  https://www.janem.co.uk/shop/

Holiday Dates

A reminder that we are on holiday the first two weeks in May.

  • There will be no classes 2nd May – 12th May.
  • Classes start back on Tuesday 16th May.

Keep up your Pilates Over my Holiday

I will be doing my Pilates whilst on holiday and you can continue your Pilates, too, whilst I am away through Jane Mackenzie 24/7 Online Pilates! For the price of 2 classes you can have access to over 100 full hour classes (plus lots of convenient half-hour classes) our data base of over 70 exercises, exercise challenges and all my weight control resources. Take as many classes as you like from every type of class we have ever recorded over the last three years. You will have access to all this from Thursday 27th April to Sunday 14th May – that is 18 whole days! So many of you now are taking advantage of this great offer to do even more Pilates, with so much variety, whilst we are on holiday. Please email asap or by Tuesday 25th April, so Mat can set you up with a login and password to access the service. https://www.janem.co.uk/jane247/

Social Dates for your Diary

  • Pilates Lunch in Hythe. Thursday 1st June at 1pm.
  • Pilates walk and sea swim – location to be confirmed, swimming is optional. Saturday 10th June at 9.30am

If you would like to join our WhatsApp social group to keep informed of our events, here is the link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IA1cVq23sAY1wIjNhij3Yl

Outdoor Summer Pilates

Watch out for our outdoor pop-up Pilates classes this summer. Once I am back from my holiday I will be looking at the weather and deciding if we will do Pilates on the Leas or Power-Pilates on the seafront in Hythe. Please let me know if you would be interested in either.

Happiness and Health

Jane Mackenzie

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