Jane Mackenzie's outdoor Pilates classes in Folkestone on the Leas

Last Saturday 6th July I ran the first of my special ‘popup’ outdoor Pilates classes in Folkestone on the Leas, and asked Mat my photographer husband to come along and take a few pics to share with you.

Outdoor Pilates Classes – Details and Booking

We were certainly blessed with the weather for this the first of my outdoor Pilates classes, as the sun was shining, the sky a bright blue, and the gentlest of breezes to keep us cool.

We set up on the seaward side of the path, with my group facing out to sea – no distractions except the odd squirrel scuttling through the branches, the sounds of birds singing their morning song, oh yes – and that stunning view out across the English Channel!

Our spot was just perfect; very few passers by, and even the Saturday ‘park-run’ doesn’t come up as far as us, so we really felt we had the space all to ourselves.

Outdoor Pilates in Folkestone on the Leas

For this class, I chose to focus on abdominals work (stomach muscles), followed by a bit of gently strengthening the back, to keep everything aligned.

As with all my Pilates classes, we started with a warm-up, then a short section of balance work, which is essential to keep all those stabilising muscles working properly.

Again, as always, we finished with some stretching, especially those muscle groups we worked during the session.

Feedback from my wonderful group was fantastic; everyone really enjoyed the experience of exercising outside. And we even did a bit of ‘cloud spotting’ whilst laying down!

I have three more outdoor Pilates classes in Folkestone planned during the summer, and I would be delighted for you to join us and make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

Outdoor Pilates Classes – Details and Booking

Jane Mackenzie's outdoor Pilates classes in Folkestone and Hythe

As a fitness professional with 27 years in the industry, I’m very aware that people differ considerably in terms of their fitness and ability. For this reason I always provide a range of different variations for each exercise we do; ranging from very easy for those just starting out, to quite difficult for anyone more advanced.

So if you ever see any exercises on my website that you find intimidating (such as this ‘Full Plank’ in the photo below) don’t worry, you will never be asked to try anything you are not comfortable with. Indeed – I will make sure you always work at a level that is appropriate for you.

Outdoor Pilates Classes in Folkestone - Jane Mackenzie Pilates full plank

Outdoor Pilates Classes – Details and Booking

Information on our regular Pilates classes

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