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Your health really does matter to me! Do you have any aches and pains? Any injuries? Are you still exercising? Please let me know how you are, and if there is any way I can help you! https://www.janem.co.uk/contact/

Fathers’ Day One-to-One Pilates Classes

I can now work with you one-to-one again, outdoors and adhering to social distancing, or remotely via video link, and my clients are really enjoying the sessions! If you would like to kick-start your fitness with a one-to-one session, please get in touch and we will organise a time and location to suit you. This could include your own garden now. https://www.janem.co.uk/pilates/one-to-one-pilates-folkestone/

Remember that Fathers’ Day is on 21st June. Why not give Dad a gift voucher for a one-to-one Pilates class with me?! It could be the best present you have given him, as I can help him improve his posture, core strength and flexibility, and help provide a sense of wellbeing, too. Contact me for more details. https://www.janem.co.uk/contact/

 Pilates Equipment

Please note that when group classes start again, shared equipment will no longer be available for safety reasons. So why not treat yourself to a new Pilates mat? Or perhaps a soft ball, foam roller, band or block, to provide variation and help you work a little harder? Remember that we sell high quality Pilates products at competitive prices, and will deliver straight to your door (Folkestone and Hythe areas). https://www.janem.co.uk/products/  And there are also plenty of exercises in our video database to help you get the most from your new equipment!

 When can we Restart Group Classes?

Well done to all those who have adapted to change and technology, and continued their Pilates practice with me online over the last 12 weeks. For those who haven’t yet, I quite understand how difficult it is to keep motivated, but we have so much to offer you online now, it’s really worth giving it a try! When will group classes restart? Sadly, the short answer is ‘not for a while yet’. As present, halls and leisure facilities remain closed, and are likely to remain so for some time, although we hope for more news mid-July. For now, we are focusing on online and one-to-one Pilates classes, and very much hope you will read on and learn more. https://www.janem.co.uk/jane247/

24/7 Online Pilates

We’ve made Jane Mackenzie 24/7 Online Pilates the best there is, and fantastic value, too, at just £4.50 per week! Here’s a quick summary of what we offer:

  • Special summer classes recorded outdoors. We currently have meadow and beach locations!
  • So far, we have 12 full one hour Pilates classes recorded in HD video using high quality recording and lighting equipment, plus an additional brand new class is released every week! Members can do these classes as many times as they like and whenever they like. I do my best to make these classes just as fun and friendly as my regular group classes.
  • I also run 2 live Pilates classes each week using Zoom. We have a Zoom Pro account, so we are not limited to 40 minutes. Our live classes are 45 minutes plus 15 minutes ‘chat’ time before and after!
  • We have lots of additional features including harder Pilates Challenge videos, and a Support Forum. And I’m always here for you to contact, to help and advise you as usual.
  • 24/7 members also get access to our online weight control support service, Achieve 24/7, and Pilates Exercise Database absolutely free!

We have produced a short video explaining all the new 24/7 features and introducing the new database: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X9gMsaeNXU , and full details are here: https://www.janem.co.uk/jane247/

Pilates Exercise Database

We’ve just added another 10 exercises to our Pilates Exercise video Database, which is currently FREE to Jane 24/7 members. This is a fantastic resource of over 80 instructional videos (and growing all the time) is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about Pilates, or focus on specific areas. Here’s a free exercise to give you an idea: https://www.janem.co.uk/classes/superman-using-band/

Our Pilates Exercise Database resides in the same stylish environment as our other 24/7 services, and it’s easy to switch between them. So, if you’re not sure how to do a particular move, want to know how to exercise a particular muscle group, or want some additional help, it’s no more than a couple of clicks away!

Outdoor Pilates Classes?

A few people have asked me about outdoor classes. Whilst instructors are now permitted to take classes of up to five outdoors, such small classes are not practical for me to run: the administration time required to run regular outdoor classes is high, as they often need cancelling or rescheduling due to the weather, and I am also concerned at this early stage about infection, or forced isolation of myself or my clients due to as yet untested track and trace procedures. In all, I think it’s still a little too early for group classes, but as you know I loved teaching outside last year, so hopefully we will be able to do so soon. Remember that you can always have a one-to-one session with me outside, or get together with a friend for a two-to-one and share the cost. https://www.janem.co.uk/pilates/one-to-one-pilates-folkestone/

That’s all for now. Thanks once again for your continued support throughout this difficult period. Please pass on details of my online Pilates to anyone you think might be interested.

Happiness and Health

Jane Mackenzie

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