Hello Everyone

As we all enjoy this wonderful weather, please read on about our Pilates and planned socials for this summer. I am also very excited to be able to offer a more online experience when booking your classes and buying your equipment. My admin and web development team (Mat!) have been working very hard on setting this up. Please do give us any feedback on your experience, so we can make it the best experience before your class and during it.

NEW – Purchase your Classes Online!

You can now also book and pay for your classes online securely by card through our new Online Shop! https://www.janem.co.uk/shop/ . This is an additional facility, so if you prefer to continue paying by bank transfer, please do. And you can of course continue to pay in person at class as before.

There are changes to our Availability page as well to make things easier for you. We are now using a traffic light system indicating whether you can go ahead and book straight away, or whether you need to contact us to check availability first. You can also jump straight through to the shop from there to buy your classes. Please take a look at the new format:  https://www.janem.co.uk/availability/

Outdoor Pilates this Saturday 23rd July

The weather really couldn’t be any better for our Outdoor Pilates classes at the moment, so why not treat yourself to a fabulous start to the weekend, with an outdoor class with me on the Leas this Saturday morning at 8.30! You already know the benefits of Pilates, and exercising outside is widely known to improve mental wellbeing even more. For full details please click here, including a lovely little aerial video showing the beautiful location: https://www.janem.co.uk/pilates/outdoor-pilates-classes-in-folkestone/  Please feel free to share this with friends and family who might want to join us too.

Further Outdoor Pilates dates: Sun 31st July, Sat 6th August. There will be other dates in August too if everyone wants to keep going with the classes through the summer.

Pilates Picnic on 4th August 12pm at Hythe Cricket Club

Everyone is welcome. You don’t need to be a participant of the class that day, and partners are always welcome too. Everyone brings along some food and drink and we share it. I always bring along paper plates, napkins, cups and knives and forks for you. Just let me know if you are coming along so I know how much to bring of the above.

Tips to enjoy Pilates in the warmer weather

I have mentioned this briefly in class this week as I am aware we need to plan what we bring to classes to enjoy this weather, but our exercise too and not get dehydrated etc.

  • Hydrate before you leave. Don’t worry all my venues have a toilet (except the Leas).
  • If you are walking to class wear a hat and a light-coloured shirt.
  • Bring plenty of water with you. Pop some ice in your water bottle before you leave home, or put it in the freezer half an hour before leaving.
  • Bring a towel along to put on top of your mat to stop you getting hot on your mat. This can also be used for under your head, or to knee on, so always useful.
  • When we are outside for some classes bring sunscreen, hat, and sun glasses.
  • Listen to how your body feels. Enjoy the exercise, but rest if you need to.

I look forward to seeing you in classes over this lovely summer. It is so important that we keep exercising through the whole year to maintain the benefits gained from Pilates for the long term.

Happiness and Health

Jane Mackenzie

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