Hello Everyone

I’m back from a lovely break in Wales, refreshed and ready for classes. Plus I also have some further Pilates training planned for myself this autumn. I always strive to be the best instructor I can be – for you and for myself – so expect lots of new ideas!

Classes Continuing as Normal – Rule of 6 Exempt

Some of you have asked me if there are any implications regarding the new government Covid-19 ‘Rule of 6’. Further to this I can confirm that this rule DOES NOT apply to organised sports and exercise classes, so happily our Pilates classes are continuing as normal (with of course the current reduced class sizes and social distancing). (If you haven’t already, please Like and Follow my Facebook page, as this information was previously published there: https://www.facebook.com/JanesHandF )

If you would like to see the official list of Rule of 6 exemptions, it can be found in Section 2 here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-meeting-with-others-safely-social-distancing/coronavirus-covid-19-meeting-with-others-safely-social-distancing

Classes this Week

This week is we are going to do some mobility, stretching and release work, so please bring your Trigger Point balls if you have them (or two tennis balls). I will give alternatives for those who haven’t got the equipment, or let me know if you would like to purchase some TP balls  https://www.janem.co.uk/2018/10/trigger-point-balls-pair/

Also it is lovely weather again, so we will be outside this week if we are able, so please bring along hats, sunglasses, sun cream and suitable clothing.

Outdoor Pilates Classes Sunday 20th and Saturday 26th Sept

A reminder that I have two final outdoor Pilates classes planned for this year, on Sunday 20th and Saturday 26th September  to be held at the slightly later time of 9.00 am, same place on the Leas. If you would like to make the most of this wonderful opportunity to exercise under the sky to the sound of the sea and the birds singing, please let me know.

The weather is looking great this weekend, but do bring along something a little warmer to wear just in case it’s a little chillier in the morning. As always, keep an eye on our Availability page for numbers and expected weather: https://www.janem.co.uk/availability/ . More information on our outdoor classes here: https://www.janem.co.uk/pilates/outdoor-pilates-classes-in-folkestone/

New Pilates Classes starting Next Week

I have a further three Pilates classes starting next week. Places are booking up very quickly, so if you would like to attend, please let me know as soon as you can:

  • Tuesdays at 6.45 pm at the Three Hills Sports Park
  • Wednesdays at 11.30 am at the Shepway Close Centre
  • Wednesdays at 5.30 pm at the Shepway Close Centre

Are You Self Isolating or in Quarantine?

If you are not currently allowed out, it’s more important than ever to continue to maintain your good posture, strength, mobility and flexibility. My ‘Jane Mackenzie 24/7’ Online Pilates is an ideal way to do this, with over 25 full 1 hour classes to choose from, all recorded in high quality HD video. You can take as many as you want, whenever you want, and the cost is just £18 for 28 days access, or £8 for a 10 day membership: https://www.janem.co.uk/jane247/

Cricket Club Fundraiser

For those of you who attend my Thursday classes at Hythe Cricket Club, you might be interested in contributing to a fundraiser being run by the club in order to help secure its future during these especially difficult times.  https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/hythecsc/updates/132802#start

I look forward to enjoying Pilates with you all next week.

Happiness and Health

Jane Mackenzie

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